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Address: 292 Carlisle St, Balaclava, VIC 3183
Phone: 039527 7001
Twitter: @weloveyochi
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Catherine @Petit Miamx

Gone are our beautiful hot summer days, come are our horrible cold wintery like days. However, the cold weather did not deter Catherine and I from going to YO-CHi.
After our brunch we strolled along Carlisle St to YO-CHI, and to our dismay YO-CHI was not open yet. We were told by the assistants that they were having some difficulties opening the store and asked us to come back at 12pm.

We went back later and spotted two young boys outside YO-CHi who excitedly told us that YO-CHi would be open in 10 minutes. So we stood around and had a very short chat to the young boys to find out that they too, are froyo fanatics! very cute.

Alas! YO-CHi finally opened and already there were quite a number of patrons lining up to make their own froyo. Catherine later told me that it gets busier and busier during the day, and sometimes you would even see long queues forming. Pretty popular eh?!

Upon entering YO-CHi, I had this very pleasant feeling as the store is very simplistic and clean look. Very chic.

So first up you walk up to the YO-CHi Self Serve Station, and you select the flavours you want. Their flavours rotate regularly, and on the day that we went they had: Original, Honey Soybean, Coconut, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Mix Berry, Green Apple and Passionfruit.
Sadly, went we went, the green apple and passionfruit flavours were not yet ready.

After serving your froyo, you go over to the topping station to choose the toppings you want; or if you’re Catherine, you simply skip the entire step and pay for your froyo (WHY?! continue reading to find out why!).
The toppings are quite similar to the toppings available at Cacao Green, Tutti Frutti, and Igloo, however they do have some quite unique toppings too. I spotted, Maple Jelly, Dried Figs, Caramelised Bananas to name a few.


So here are our froyos!

First up, Catherine’s. Catherine who used to work at Wendy’s Ice cream as a kid had the smooth skills in making her froyo look perfectly swirled and pretty. She chose Mixed Berry, Original and one other flavour (Not sure sorry! Was too busy in my own little world trying to make my froyo look pretty – failed miserably mind you!)
Edit: Catherine mentioned in her comments that she had two serves of original :)

So, yes, this is Catherine’s very simplistic froyo. She says that it’s better without the toppings because you get to taste the froyo in its original form and that the toppings are too sweet. *sigh*


I, on the other hand went for mixed berry, coconut and honey soy bean. As you can see in the photo on the right, the coconut and honey soybean was swirled by me, and the pink mixed berry was swirled by the skilful Catherine! (Going to have to practice my swirling skills now). Topping wise, I went for dried figs, desiccated coconut, maple jelly and caramelised banana.

The mixed berry froyo comes in an eye catching pink hue, and had a tart taste to it. Very creamy and smooth. No sign of graininess here!
The coconut froyo has a subtle coconut taste, rather sweet but once again creamy.
Last but not least, honey soybean, which is a very unique flavour. The honey soybean was almost like eating honey froyo pretty much. A very strong kick of honey flavour and very sweet tasting froyo!

The dried figs were nice and chewy whilst the maple jelly had a nice maple taste and slightly on the chewy side too.
As some of you may know, I’m not a fan of caramel but I love my bananas, so when I came across these caramelised bananas I had a difficult time trying to decide whether I should get some. In the end I decided to get a bit to try and it turned quite nice on the palate. The caramel wasn’t overbearing and on the sweet side.



– A very chic, clean and simple environment;
– 8 different froyo flavours to choose from;
– Staff are friendly, also commenting on your froyo creations too!
– Great hang out place! Well Catherine and I enjoyed chatting even after we finished eating.
– I love their spoons!


  1. Haha I had two swirls of original because I like it so much! I promise, I’ll teach you how to swirl next time!!

    • Catherine!

      Ahhhh, thanks for letting me know! :) I’ll update!
      And… yes, you must teach me the skills of swirling froyo. I actually tried yesterday but failed again :(


  2. If it wasnt so hard to get to this place, I would definitely try this place out! Oh how i love frozen yoghurt and I so want to try the different toppings for it!!

  3. Ahh, I LOVE froyo and NEED to come here! My favourite place so far is Orange Leaf because I loovveee peanut butter froyo :)
    I’ve been seeing great reviews about this place though so I defs need to come here. Nom!
    Miss SL xox

    • Miss SL,

      Yeah – you need to visit – I love the layout of the store.

      Oh.. I’ve never been to Orange Leaf? I’ll have to look them up :)


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