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Wonton House


Address: 271 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9650 4113
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Cuisine: Hong Kong style cafe
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Background Information on Congee
For those who are unfamiliar with Congee, here’s a brief explanation:
Congee/Rice Porridge/Rice Gruel, is a “soupy rice” where you cook rice in a large amount of water and is either eaten alone of served with a rice dish.
See wiki for the different types of congee from different countries: 

As a kid growing up I used to eat congee everyday, however nowadays I rarely do because eating congee can be quite fattening because of the carb content, and also because it’s very time consuming to make it yourself.
These days, if I was to eat congee, it would be because I’m sick or needed comfort food.

That day was a particularly cold day that day, and I felt like having a light brunch so I went into Wonton House to have congee. I have visited Wonton House several times when I was studying at uni.

There’s a number of congee combinations at Wonton House, but that day I just wanted something simple so I ordered their Chicken, Century Egg & Jelly Fish Congee with a plate of Chinese Donut (You Tiao).

I know some people like my friend Aidan, would probably cringe at the moment I mention the word Century Egg. No, century eggs are not century years old. Century eggs are duck/chicken/quail eggs preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime and rice hulls for several weeks or months. I guess the colour of the century egg may put people off, and not everyone will like it. I guess you it’s an acquired taste :)

As for Jelly Fish, although it’s pretty much tasteless on its own, it’s once again that’s an acquired taste too. I love eating jelly fish with the spicy seasoning and the texture is great! Crunchy!

So what did I think of it? The congee was very smooth and creamy and was served piping hot. The serving was extremely big so it meant that I had to spoon it into a smaller bowl several times to eat it. It also meant that I wouldn’t burn my tongue :)

In terms of flavouring and ingredients, the congee was well seasoned and had a generous serving of chicken. However there was very little jelly fish. As for the century egg, the egg ‘white’ portion felt quite hard. Whilst the texture of the century egg can vary from places to places, I personally prefer the soft century egg.

As for the Chinese Donut, it wasn’t overly oily and was fried crispy.  I love dunking the Chinese donut into the congee and then eating it! :)

Wonton House is probably the only place that I would order congee from. I’ve never been disappointed and there’s a variety to choose from. Both branches (Russel Street & Swanston Street) are of same quality.
So if you want to try out congee, I would recommend this place because it’s cheap and good!

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  1. pinkfinity says

    Perfect warm Asian breakfast for winter.. but are they more known for Wontons or Congee?

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