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Tyranny of Distance


Address: 147 Union St, Windsor, VIC, 3181
Phone: 03 9525 1005
Twitter: N/A
Cuisine: Modern Australian, Breakfast/Brunch, Wine Bar
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Foodie Partners: Zoe, Eliza and Tiana

Sometimes, double booking people can actually turn out to be a fun event. Zoe and I had originally booked each other for breakfast with each other at Heirloom, however Zoe had accidentally doubled booked it with some of her friends, and she asked whether I would like to do breakfast in Windsor/Prahan instead. I said, yeah why not. So that morning I ended up meeting with Zoe and her two cool friends – Eliza & Tiana (/waves!) at Tyranny of Distance.

From the outside, Tyranny of Distance does look like an old shed, and it somewhat blends in with the other households around the street. The inside had a homey feel to it, with couches to sit on, wooden chairs, and also gas cylinders hanging around. I guess the main look and feel of Tyranny of Distance is a organic sort of look – which is the type of cafes I prefer to go to – Organic.

Yup, I’m still on my adventure in finding the best hot chocolate – the hot chocolate here at Tyranny of Distance isn’t too bad. It’s not too rich in taste, perhaps more on the mild side of the normal European hot chocolate. Not a bad hot chocolate, but I’ve had better.

On the other hand, the girls: Zoe, Eliza and Tiana had their cappuccinos and lattes. Apparently Tyranny of Distance does super sized coffees too in a bigger cup :O

hehe, i think the inscription of T&D is a nice touch to the spoons! But not all spoons had it though :(

The food here at Tyranny of Distance is actually quite unique – while it does offer the normal poached eggs, bacon and dishes alike, some of the dishes they offer are quite interesting.

Zoe had the house made banana bread with pistachio, ricotta and honey. I cant really comment on it, because I didn’t try it – but according to Zoe this went well with the Pistachio, ricotta and honey.
It ‘s probably a good dish to have if you’re not feeling all too hungry, given the portion. Oh…and Zoe’s red nail, wanted to make a guest appearance on the blog! HELLO RED NAIL haha :)

That day, I decided to go for something healthy and fresh.  So I chose the super colourful dish – Quinoa served on a lemongrass coconut infusion with seasonal fruit and toasted pistachio.

Whilst the menu had toasted almonds, I ended up having pistachio. I don’t mind that at all because I simply love eating pistachio. Did you know that in Chinese, pistachio is known as happy fruit? (開心果 – kai xin guo). I guess if I consume enough I’ll always be happy :D
Anyway, I’m no health nut, so it was my first time eating Quinoa, and I happened to enjoy eating it! The lemongrass and coconut infusion made it a real treat to eat. It did feel a bit dry, but I was told by one of the girls that it’s actually normal. When I was tasting the quinoa, it really reminded me of the Vietnamese dessert: xôi. The xôi that my family makes at home often has coconut added to it, and quite simply put it the texture and taste of the quinoa was very similar to xôi.

As for the seasonal fruits, the only ones I seemed to enjoy were the pineapples, strawberries, orange and passionfruit. Those are probably the fruits that I do eat on a regular basis.
I didn’t really enjoy the peach as much as I would have liked to, as I found it to be too soft. I don’t particularly like rhubarb either as I don’t like the tartiness of it. As for the dried figs, I found it to be too sweet for me.

The girls Eliza and Tiana both had a free range egg dish. Eliza had the Scrambled eggs with spinach, rocket and bacon, whilst Tiana had the poached eggs with mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and bacon.
I didn’t taste any of the dishes, but if I was to choose, I’d probably would have chosen Tiana’s dish, as I love my poached eggs and mushrooms! <3

Overall, the service was great – it was quite busy when I arrived and did take sometime for my hot chocolate to arrive. However I really like the organic look of the cafe.
It was my first time meeting Eliza and Tiana, and I found those two girls to be very friendly, lovely and down to earth. So, warmest welcome to them as a foodie partners to this blog, and I’m sure that once Zoe and I find time in our super busy schedule we would arrange another foodie meet up. Thank you girls for allowing me to join us :)

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