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Top Paddock


Top Paddock

Address: 658 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: 03 9429 4332
Twitter: @TopPaddock
Facebook: N/A

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Visit #2: @idreaminchocolate; @foodmadewithlove @daisy_nevertoosweet @jellybellymelly

Back in 2011 I was in love with Three Bags Full; in fact, it is the first place I reviewed about on 1.5 years later, Three Bags full has been sold off; Two Birds One Stone has been open for 8 months.
Now, Top Paddock is in the scene. I remembered following Top Paddock’s twitter account from the very beginning and had been anticipating the opening for quite some time.

In this blog post, I will be provide two reviews. One on opening day, and one couple weeks later.

 Visit #1: Opening Day
Oh boy was I excited! With great anticipation I drove all the way to Richmond to visit Top Paddock. It was crazy hot and also there was a huge crowd.
As I had only visited on my own, the wait time was quite minimal, and I was given a bench seat outside.

To start off, I had a skinny latte.


When I was handed the menu, I studied it for a long while. There was so many choices that it was extremely difficult to choose. So in the end, I chose Top Paddock.

When my plate of food arrived it was accidentally given to a guy who sat next to me. Later when the waitress left, the guy said to me “You know, I wouldn’t have mind saying that the plate is mine, because that looks amazing!”
Trust me, this dish is phenomenal and I would strongly recommend this dish to anyone who visits. It is a large dish, but worth going into a food coma for!

There’s a lot of ingredients in this dish but I love every bit of it.
1. House Made Sausage: At first I thought the sausage would be presented like most cafes (the whole sausage), but here they presented it sliced! I adore it. Slightly charred but tasted great. Full of flavour and slightly peppery.
2. Bacon: A lean piece of bacon and not too fatty! Perfect for someone like me who dislikes fatty bacon. It’s very meaty mind you! :)
3. Adelaide Green Tomatoes: Oh these tomatoes are gems! Slightly tart-ish and slightly sweet.
4. Pickled onions: These were pickled to perfection. I loved the tangy taste and it went really well with the sausages!
5. Relish: I found the relish to be a bit on the sweet side, but I still enjoyed eating it with the bacon!
6. Poached eggs: Two poached eggs and when I poked it, liquid gold came out! YUM! Love my poached eggs :D


Here comes the naughty bit. It was a hot day, I was extremely thirsty, but I wanted something sweet.
I told the waitress that I wanted a strawberry milkshake, and she came back with a mixed berries smoothie. When I told her, she said “Oh sorry I forgot, I assumed that you wanted a mixed berry smoothie because it’s healthy”
Luckily it was a good drink and refreshing, so I didn’t care too much!

mixed berry smoothie


As if that mixed berry drink isn’t enough sugar! Well… I ended up ordering a cupcake, because it caught my attention when I walked into the cafe.
Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with the cupcake. The cupcake itself was pretty moist, but it was the thick layer of overly sweet grainy icing that ruined it. Having said that, it looked very pretty right? :)


Overall experience: **please note that this was their opening day that I visited**

1. Service was rather lacking – forgetting the orders and delivering it to the wrong table.
2. Food was amazing – great presentation and tasted great.



Visit #2: A re-visit with my girls
Not too long ago, my girls, Julie @idreaminchocolate, Lianne @foodmadewithlove, Daisy @nevertoosweet, and Lianne’s sis in law Melissa @jellybellymelly arranged a catch up at Top Paddock.
I know I have visited before, but I was keen to try again and to see whether there was an improvement in service.

Has the service improved? YES!
It was an extremely hot day, the sun was blazing and we chose to sit outside. My main concern was getting a super tanned face, so the whole time I took the menu to shield my face! hahaha. I even joked with the waiter saying that I would tip him more if he stood there to shield me from the sun!
As it was extremely sunny and we could barely see, we asked the waitress to kindly move us to another table! In all honesty we probably should have sat inside, as Julie and I were getting quite irritated by an annoying bee that just wouldn’t leave us alone! haha.

To start off with we all ordered our caffeine. I generally order a latte, but felt like having a cappuccino, so I did!

skinnycappuccinoOnce again, I ended up being stumped choosing my dish. In the end I chose a light dish – Gin & Lime cured ocean trout, with beetroot relish, potato galette, poached eggs, leaves and goats curd with toast.
This dish is definitely a stunning looking dish, and is suited for someone who is feeling peckish as it’s not an overly heavy dish.
Sadly, I had this very very annoying bee that kept landing on my precious poached eggs :( So in the end I could only poke the poached eggs and let the precious liquid gold ooze onto my trout before leaving the egg whites untouched :
Gin & Lime cured ocean trout: This cured ocean trout was delicious. You cannot really taste the gin, but had a very delicate yet tangy taste to the ocean trout.
Beetroot Relish: The beetroot relish was placed on top of the ocean trout, which gave the trout a weird sweet-ish taste. I would have preferred the relish to be placed on the side of the dish to be honest.
Potato galettes: Cut into small cube bits, but a very floury potato! Loved it.

oceantroutJulie who is a huge burger fan, ordered the soft shell QLD crab roll with fennel, dill, lime mayo in a brioche bun.
Julie’s crab roll looked amazing, and they were very generous with the soft shell QLD mud crab as well, but sadly the annoying bee landed on one of Julie’s precious soft shell QLD crab :(

softshellmudcrabMelissa, Lianne’s sister in law, ordered the eggs benedict which is served with a tender hamhock, and instead of hollandaise sauce they served it with bernaise :)

eggsbenedictMy twinnie, Lianne chose the White Anchovies with Jamon serrano with fried eggs, pedron peppers and manchego on toast.
I love the brown plate that they used to serve Lianne’s dish!
For a review and why Lianne chose this dish, head over to her blog here.

Our Sweet Queen, Daisy, chose the pulled pork on rye with prunes, leaves and goats curd.
According to Daisy the pulled pork was not tender enough, but look at the amount of pork that they included in her dish!
I think Daisy was still sick on that day, so she didn’t really enjoy it as much :(


Overall Experience:
1. Staff were very prompt, professional and friendly;
2. Food presentation is great;


  1. Great write up Peach, and lovely photos as ever! Every photo you took looks sooo delicious. I particularly like the look of the things you ordered the second time around! I’m glad that the service has improved since opening week!! I think I’ll go there next weekend and try for myself :)

    • Hey Miss SL,

      Aww thanks for the kind words!
      Hahaha, well I actually have Top Paddock to thank for – making them so decadent and photo ready!

      You definitely need to go there soon, considering you are a brunch addict ;)


  2. I remember that bee, what an evil bee! Your photos turned out lovely! Let’s breakie again!

    • Julie <3

      Yeah that bee is the evil villain of Top Paddock! Us Superwoman must kill it! Hahaha
      Thanks hunz, im glad you find my photos lovely! It was super hard getting the right exposure!

      Yes, lets brekkie again ;)


    • Hey Felicia!

      Definitely a must go for anyone who visits Melbourne! Highly recommended!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  3. This looks great Peach! I always love the look of your photos and Top Paddock looks like my kind of place so I’ll be sure to visit soon :)

    • Ames!

      awww thanks for the compliment, and im glad you like my photos!

      yeah definitely give Top Paddock a try, i really love it :)

    • Msihua,

      Believe it or not, looking at your coffee instagrams has totally turned me into a caffeine addict! Hahaha
      But yes, Top Paddock has great coffee <3


    • Hey there :)

      hehe thank you! its definitely one of my recommended place for brunching in Melbourne :)


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