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The Petty Officer


 The Petty Officer

Address: 113 Victoria Ave, Albert Park, VIC 3206
Phone: 03 9686 3000
Twitter: @pettyofficers
Facebook: here

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On a hot & sticky 35°C (95°F for my American friends) Sunday, I caught a lovely air-conditioned tram to Albert Park to visit The Petty Officer. It was their last trading day for the year, plus I was highly impressed by Axil Coffee Roasters, that I decided to visit. Yes, The Petty Officer is run by the same people behind Axil Coffee Roasters.
The cafe itself is a beautiful, yet simplistic chic looking interior. Prior to The Petty Officer, the building used to be a fine dining restaurant.

To start off with, I ordered a Skinny Latte. Generally I would order a soy latte, but I realised that the coffee art is non-existent when you order soy latte. I’m not sure why? Anyone who knows, please comment below! I would love to know! :D
Of course, drinking a skinny latte is different to drinking a soy latte. This time round when I had the skinny latte here at The Petty Officer, I did find it to less sweeter in taste. It was a rather bold tasting coffee, and less creamier. However I did enjoy the bold taste as I needed the caffeine hit!

Whilst waiting for my food to arrive, I decided to take photos of the sugar, salt and pepper. Very simplistic looking.

Although I have read and heard about the amazing corn fritters here at The Petty Officer, I was rather intrigued by the smoked ocean trout with potato croquette.
When the dish arrived, it looked like a very small portion, but after I finished eating the dish, I was very glad that it was that size, because I left feeling rather full.

The smoked ocean trout pieces were sliced thinly and were seasoned perfectly. Quite often when I have smoked ocean trout I find it to be rather salty, but here, it’s just perfect.

The potato croquettes were definitely the hero of the dish. The potato croquettes were nicely battered and fried golden. It gave it a nice crispy exterior, yet retaining a smooth and creamy interior. The potato croquette inside contained a smooth mixture of potato with spring onions and some sort of vegetable that gave it a bit of a crunch which I believe is celery (Not to sure sorry!). The potato croquettes were placed on top of a lovely green mound of spinach to give it extra colour and texture. There was also some creme fraiche to give it a bit of acidity.

The beetroot relish also gave the dish acidity and texture to the dish! I usually don’t eat a lot of beetroot, but when they are cooked correctly, I love it! :) Yum.

Of course the fun part of the dish is poking the poached eggs so that the egg yolk oozes on top of the dish and adding extra creaminess to the dish! I love my eggs!

Overall, this dish was absolutely amazing. Different textures, flavours and colours!

It was definitely worth the trekking in the sweltering Melbourne heat! The service at The Petty Officer is fast, efficient and friendly; the coffee are amazing and of course, the potato croquette dish has now become one of my favourite dishes of 2012! The Petty Officer is currently closed for the Christmas period, but will reopen on the 3rd of January 2013! Make sure you visit whilst you’re on holiday!


  1. Pinkfinity says

    Wow these photos look amazing!!! And I had no idea Axil Coffee Roasters had another brunch place, which do you like better out of the two?

    • Pinkfinity:

      Awww thanks hunz :) Yes – this is a new place by Axil!
      Well to me I find them both different. One is more chic and the other one is more suited for casual enviro?
      I dunno.. if I had to choose.. it would be Petty Officer :)


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