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The Grand Tofu 2 & Dessert Story

Grand Tofu 2

The Grand Tofu 2
102 Kings Way Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
Phone: 03 9560 1700
Website: N/A
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A

The Grand Tofu 2 on UrbanspoonFoodie Partners: Regina J Lacerta, Table Prince

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Glen Waverley branch: 72 Kingsway Glen Waverley, VIC 3150

Peach Water readers, please give your warmest welcome to my newest foodie partner…. Table Prince. He doesn’t eat much yet – just milk. He’s sleeps a lot, and doesn’t talk. A difficult foodie partner this one ;) But it’s ok, I’ll train him up, and one day he can take over this blog for me. :) Cutest baby EVER. Well ok…his sister, Princess Ellie is pretty cute too!

So who is Table Prince? Table Prince (He’s real name isn’t table prince, but was given that name (By me!) because his dad uses him as a table when he eats LOL) is my friend Reggie’s newborn! :)
For those who don’t know Reggie, she is the co-host for one of Sambo’s Let’s Play Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 series.
If you love MMOs, please check out my friend’s youtube channel. He spends a lot of time producing high quality videos every week! :)

Link Love:
Sambo’s Youtube Channel
Reggie’s Livestream channel (Every Wednesday night)
Reggie’s hair accessories facebook shop

1. Yong Tofu – Soup base: Tom Yum with stuffed chilli, capsicum, stuffed fried beancurd, fried wonton and doughnut stick.
Reggie ordered this dish after I convinced her that this is a must try dish. Couple of months back my bro Tomi took me here and I loved it.
What I love about this dish is that you get to customize your bowl of noodle just to the way you like it :) You choose your soup base, the noodles and the ingredients you want with your noodles.

Now you will all know that I’m quite tolerant with spicy food, but man, when I had the stuffed chilli I was nearly in tears! Of course my bro couldn’t let go of the chance to tease and make fun of me, like every brother would >_< hmph.
I watched Reggie carefully when she took a bite from the chilli. No reaction.

2.  Crunchy noodles with seafood
I love eating this dish. The noodles are fried until crisp, and then they top it with stir fried vegetables and seafood with thick gravy sauce on top! The gravy sauce helps soften the noodles, but you get some bits where it’s crunchy!
I wouldn’t say that this is the best version I’ve had. The noodles itself was ok, but the seafood & gravy had a lot of MSG (of course!), and with a higher ratio of vegetables to seafood. >_<

3. Deep fried calamari
The batter sadly wasn’t crispy enough, however the calamari was soft and slightly chewy. I didn’t really dip it into the sweet chilli sauce much though.

4. Dessert: Sesame & peanut shaved ice, glutinous black rice with mango and coconut cream, glutinous rice balls. Bread top: Milk custard.
After lunch, Reggie and I headed down the street to have dessert at dessert story.
As it was a lovely day, Reggie and I sat outside.
Sesame & Peanut Shaved Ice: Is my favourite dessert at Dessert Story. The shaved ice literally melts in your mouth the moment you put it in your mouth, and it’s flavoured with sesame and peanuts, as well as crushed peanuts to add texture. This dish is best shared because it’s a very big portion!
Glutinous Black Rice with Mango: When the dish was placed in front of us, I was immediately put off by the coconut cream that they had added on top of the black glutinous rice. It was so thick, almost gluggy looking that I was worried that the coconut cream/milk was off! It looked so unappealing that I was very close to sending it back to the kitchen, but Reggie took a spoonful and told me that it was ok. I cant remember whether we ordered the cold or hot version, but I remembered it being rather luke warm. Despite the unappealing look of the coconut cream, it did taste ok. Reggie is a big fan of mango, so we ordered the mango version of it. I personally prefer the plain version of the Glutinous Black Rice with Coconut Milk.
If you want to try this dish, I suggest you to buy it from the Dessert Story on Swanston St :)
Glutinous Rice Balls:
YUM! It’s one of my favourite dishes at Dessert Story. The glutinous rice balls are filled with sugar and crushed peanuts, and then placed on a bed of sugar and crushed peanuts! The glutinous rice is very chewy and has no flavour at all, but with the sugar and peanut filling it’s perfect! Highly recommended :)
Milk Custard:
  This is my favourite dessert from Bread Top! It’s a super soft and creamy milk custard in a glass milk bottle! Adorable and small portion! I think I’ve gotten Reggie addicted to it too :P Whoops! my bad :D

So if you are in Glen Waverley looking for somewhere to eat, The Grand Tofu 2 is the best – huge selection of dishes, and their Yong Tofu is so good.





  1. I like the curry laksa at the Grand Tofu 2! I don’t eat anything else there hehe. Also I LOVE the black sesame snow ice dessert but I order it for myself as I don’t like sharing :P

    • Catherine:

      Oh curry laksa eh? Ok I gotta try it out there then! I haven’t tried it yet.

      Hahaha… no sharing? Does that mean when I dine out with you = no sharing? :(


  2. Such an Asian post! Asian Asian Asian Asian! But I have to admit yong tofu + dessert story sounds like a damn good time :p

    And Table Prince is so adorable; next thing you know you’ll be Auntie Peach showing him just what good food is!

    • Ming:
      hahahaa – Asian post! Good thing I didn’t blog about my other two places I went to :P Otherwise it would have been a Asian grand spectacular ;)

      Yes!! Table Prince is soooooooo adorable. When he cries.. he makes me want to cry too. Hahhaa
      Of course, Aunty Peach needs to train Table Prince how to enjoy the finer things in life ;)


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