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The Duchess of Spotswood

The Duchess Of Spotswood

Address: 87 Hudsons Rd, Spotswood, VIC
Phone: 03 9391 6016
Twitter: @duchesscafe
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Lianne

One of goal for 2013 is to cut back down on my backlog of posts, however I’m failing miserably with so many food outings every week that I’m struggling to catch up.
On Chinese New Years Eve, I met with my dearest twinnie star Lianne to have brunch.
I didn’t see her during the Christmas period as Lianne had gone overseas to spend time with her family. Please visit her blog here, to check out her adventures in Singapore!

In general, I don’t like travelling far distance. The furthest I would travel without getting annoyed would be the CBD.  So far this year I have made a few exceptions and traveled quite a far distance for food.

Lianne and I ended up having an exquisit tea party! When our tea pots and tea cups arrived at our table, 3/4 of our table was covered with a sea of seafoam cups and saucers! It’s definitely a sight to see! What I love about They have an array of colours for their tea cups and saucers that I always look at awe! Love my colours! <3

tea tea party

Lianne had the chai tea, whilst I settled for english breakfast tea. They also have a large range of green teas available but I was feeling for a bit of sugar and milk with my tea that morning :)

Lianne who’s visited The Duchess of Spotswood before, was able to her decision swiftly and ordered the Duchess of Pork, whilst I sat there studying the menu not knowing what to order. I did have a craving for some pork sausages that morning so I ended up settling for the Kings Woodcock.

Duchess of Pork

Duchess of Pork: Crispy pig’s jowl with fried eggs, rich truffle sauce and toast
Whilst the Duchess of Pork doesn’t look anything fanciful, the crispy pig’s jowl was very tender, so moist that it melted in my mouth. I didn’t get to try the rest of the dish, so I can’t comment much on it. Perhaps Lianne will be able to provide insight in the comments below? :)

kings woodcock

Kings Woodcock: Scramble eggs with green tomato chutney, pork, fennel and chilli sausages and toast
Recently I’ve taken a great liking for scramble eggs, and I blame that on Hardware Societe as they make amazing scramble eggs. I liked the presentation of their scramble eggs with the purple radish cress. The bright yellow scramble eggs with the dainty little purple radish cress go very well! Whilst the presentation is beautiful, I unfortunately found the scrambled eggs quite salty in comparison to Hardware Societe’s lightly seasoned scrambled eggs that gave room for me to sprinkle some sea salt onto it.

The green tomato chutney was placed right under the scrambled eggs, and the sweetness and slight tangyness of the chutney made eating the scramble eggs to be quite strange. However I did find the chutney to be rather enjoyable.

As for the pork, fennel and chilli sausages, they weren’t as spectacular as my brain made it out to be. Lianne was able to taste the fennel, however I wasn’t able to. I also found the spiciness of sausages to be extra mild, but then again my chilli tolerance is very high so it’s expected.

The toast I found was very light and loved the small pot of butter that came with the bread, because generally most cafes don’t offer a small pot of butter. So that was a plus!


– Quite a far distance to drive if you’re from the East side. Expect at least 40+ minute to get to the other side! I probably wouldn’t travel this far again for breakfast here, as there many other alternatives closer to me. However because Candied Bakery is very close by, I probably would revisit.
– The staff are friendly, attentive and won’t rush you. They also made us aware of the specials that they had available for the day too.
– They have a pastry/cake cabinet available for ordering as well.
– It’s quite a small cafe but very cute.


  1. Pinkfinity says

    LOVE the photo of the tea party with the repetition of the circle elements, the birds eye view really works!

    Never heard of Spotswood, had to google map it, wow all the way in the west side! But its good you are venturing out to different areas for your foodie adventures for variety hehe

    • Hey Pinkfinity,

      Yeah, been taking a lot of birds eye view shots lately. Loving it, but it’s a lot more hard work. Have to get out of the seat in order to do that ;p

      Hahaha, yeah it’s far far away for us Eastsider, but it’s good to venture out from time to time :D


    • Hi Msihua!

      :D Yes you definitely need to go back and try the new things! The Duchess of Pork seems like a good option! :)


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