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The Cellar Bar (Grossi Florentino)


Address: 80 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9662 1811
Twitter: N/A but you can follow Guy Grossi here: @GuyGrossi
Cuisine: Italian
Price: $$
Opening Hours: 7.30AM to late
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Foodie Partner: Janelle

On one fine morning, I walked passed The Cellar Bar (Grossi Florentino), and I walked in to have their hot chocolate and their Pancakes with Ricotta Cheese and Maple Syrup before heading to work.
The pancakes were so good that I automatically sent a photo to my frequent foodie partner/best friend Janelle. Since then she’s been wanting to try it. So after a long time we finally managed to arrange a date to have breakfast together :D

Since the first visit, I’ve been hooked on their hot chocolate, so automatically I had to re-order it so that I can blog about it. The hot chocolate here at The Cellar Bar is quite sophisticated. It’s served in a 1928 ceramic milk bottle with the name Grossi Florentino written on it. Along side there’s a small metal container that contains luscious thick melted chocolate (Secret blend – they wont tell me, but apparently milk, and dark chocolate mix).

I usually pour the melted chocolate in first followed by a generous amount of hot milk as I don’t particularly like my food overly sweet.
So my question to all my readers, how would you drink your hot chocolate?

The hot chocolate was still relatively sweet for me, so after a few sips I had to pour the remaining milk into the cup, which made it just right for me :)

Janelle initially ordered Grapefruit Juice, but unfortunately they were out, and she decided to order the hot chocolate as well.

For our food we ordered two dishes to share:

Poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise, home made muffin and Pancakes with ricotta and Maple syrup.

The pancakes with ricotta and maple syrup were to die for. I enjoyed it the first time, and really enjoyed it the second time. If there was anything on the menu that I would recommend, it would be the Pancakes with Ricotta and Maple Syrup. As you know, I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I make an exception for this dish as it was relatively sweet from the maple syrup, but with the fresh strawberries, the creaminess of the ricotta along side with the fluffy pancakes it went really well with each other.

As for the Poached Eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise, and home made muffin, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it.
I found the the hollandaise sauce to be quite sour than usual, and the home made muffin to be quite tough. I had quite a difficult time trying to cut through the muffin. They used smoke salmon quite sparingly, that I didn’t really get to taste it. The poached eggs however were the star of the dish. I always love eating poach eggs, and it definitely fulfilled both Janelle and my cravings for eggs (We both love eggs).

Overall, this place is great for breakfast. It’s priced relatively cheap, and at the cellar bar there’s a very chirpy waiter who can turn any winter frown into a smile :) He does like to say bonjour and bon appetite. Haha :)
So, if you’re up in the Bourke St end, and want breakfast before starting work, why don’t you drop by and grab yourself some pancakes! You’ll definitely leave feeling happy :D

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  1. I’ve been to the Cellar Bar but had the pasta and it was delicious! and I’m like you! I love their hot chocolate! hehe I was so amused that I had to mix the chocolate with the milk on my own the first time I had it. I like to pour the chocolate in the cup and add the milk and repeat when im done with that cup! hehe Those ricotta pancakes look delicious! Gotta plan a trip down soon! hehe

    • Ahhh you went to Cellar Bar for lunch? I must definitely go back to try out their pasta. I had pasta at Merchant and I loved it.
      I’m usually not a pasta fan because I don’t like heaps of carbs, but I love Guy’s pasta! So good!

      Yup – The Ricotta pancakes are the best! Must must try :D

  2. OMG OMG OMG! I can’t keep my eyes off the ricotta pancakes! My eyes were literally fixed LOL and i love the look of the hot chocolate too….uh oh what should do …to many places I wanna go to :P

    • Hahahaha – I know you would have had your eyes fixated to the ricotta pancakes. They are superb. Like I’ve never had anything that sweet that I would have enjoyed! And yes the hot chocolate is good. If there’s a place you need to choose for brekky, I’d choose this first!!

      Peach Water

  3. Shame about the egg dish, but at least the eggs themselves were good – nothing worse than an over-poached egg! The hot chocolate looks and sounds delicious; does the chocolate melt evenly? Whenever I try the same thing at home the chocolate clumps up :(

    • Hey Ming,

      Spot on about over-poached eggs. I don’t like them over poached, I love them runny :D

      Oh the hot chocolate in the small pot was all liquid and there were no clumps at all! Perfect hot chocolate really!

      Peach Water

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