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Day Trip to Mornington Peninsula – Part 2: Ten Minutes by Tractor


Continuing from my previous blog post…..(Day Trip to Mornington Peninsula – Part 1: Merrick’s General Wine Store…)
12.30 – 1.00PM:
Driving to Ten Minutes by Tractor.

Address: 1333 Mornington Flinders Rd, Main Ridge, VIC 3928
Phone: 03 5989 6080
Twitter: @10XTractor

Ten Minutes by Tractor on Urbanspoon Foodie Partner:  Zoe

1.00 – 1.20PM: Wine Tasting experience with Cellar Door Manager: Julie Eldridge

I not ashamed to admit that I have no knowledge or experience with wine, so being able to meet the Cellar Door Manager Julie at Ten Minutes by Tractor was an educational experience for me.

Background Information

The vineyard is owned by Martin Speeding, who in 2002 decided to leave the financial services and become a winemaker. In December 2003 he visited a small winery in Mornington Peninsula and bought up Ten Minutes by Tractor Wine Co.

Ten minutes by tractor has a total of 34.41 ha of vineyards, that yield: Pinor Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Tempranillo.
Their home vineyards are made up of three original vineyards that form Ten Minutes by Tractor (Yes it takes 10 minutes to get there by tractor – literally speaking :))
The three vineyards are:
1. Judd Vineyard – Refinement + Vibrant Acidity
2. McCutcheon Vineyard – Elegance + Power
3. Wallis Vineyard – Alluring Aromatics + Fine structure.

As we were going to dine at the restaurant, we were told that the wine tasting is free. Julie personally went through all the wines on the list with us and carefully explained each wine to us.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that my preference of wine is white wine, and I generally tend to avoid red wine as I dislike them.
I told Julie that I dislike red wine and she taught the proper way of enjoying red wine which was to take a mouthful and swish it around your mouth and spit it out, and then another one again, before having a proper drink of the red wine.

That way you can decide whether you like the wine or not. I was able to put that into test straight away and I actually did enjoy the red wine more. Unfortunately I still prefer my white wine :P
Thank you Julie for teaching me the proper way of enjoying red wine :)

1.20PM – 3PM: Dining at Ten Minutes by Tractor Restaurant
Zoe and I made a booking a week prior to visiting and we were able to secure a seat at 1.30PM. (Please note that you need a credit card to secure a seat)

That afternoon we were looked after by a friendly waitor Wes (who also happens to be a photography enthusiast :D) and we were also looked after by the restaurant manager Clayton from time to time as well.

I think after my wine tasting session I felt like trying something different, so I settled with a campari. Now, last time at Golden Fields, you may recall that I didn’t like it entirely as I felt that it was too bitter.
However I was willing to give it another go, and this time I did very much enjoy it! Of course it still has the bitter notes but this time it was sweeter and I enjoyed it! I really love the colour of the drink! So vibrant don’t you think? :)

Wes knew I was taking photos, so he was accomodating and held the flask of campari sweetner so that I could take photo! Actually the whole afternoon the staff at Ten Minutes by Tractor were accomodating allowing me to take photos! :) so many thanks :)

If I recall correctly, Zoe had a Pinor Noir which was one of the wines we tried at the wine tasting session with Julie.

Zoe and I decided to go for two courses each (One Entree + Main, and One Main + One Dessert), so that way we can sample from each section :)

Whilst waiting for our food to arrive, we were served bread. Here we were able to choose what bread we wanted. I went for sour dough whilst Zoe went for olive bread.
The bread are served with smooth and creamy butter, Estate Olive Oil and Pink Murray Sea Salt Flakes.

Next up we were served Quail Consummé, which comes with the Quail we ordered for our Entree.
I love how they served the Consummé from a very beautiful oriental teapot and pouring it into a glass that looks so delicate.
The Quail Consummé is served very hot, so having a glass that has an outer glass meant that we wouldn’t burn our fingers! The consummeé was full of flavour and it really reminds me of the herbal soup my mum makes.

Next up we had the Marinated Quail served with buck wheat polenta, Pinot Noir Roasted Wine Grapes, Kaiserfleisch bacon and hazelnut vinaigrette.
The quail was tender and fell off the bone, and all the supporting ingredients of the dish added different textures to the dish. The Roasted Pinot Noir Wine Grapes were sweet and juicy, and I loved the pieces of the kaiserfleisch bacon! Yum!

Oh I love this dish! Look how pretty it is with the pink foam?!
I’m a big lover of fish, so this dish was perfect. The skin of the skin of the barramundi was fried until a beautiful crisp and the flesh of the barramundi was moist :D
At first I felt that the creamed lentils was not my kind of thing, but after having it together with the barramundi I actually really enjoyed it. Each lentil was cooked until soft and creamy.

WOW! Was my first impression of this dish! The dish in it’s entirety looks amazing, with beetroot crisps, and the colours of all the other autumn vegetables! It just makes it look so appetizing! Almost too pretty to eat in my opinion!
However, food is made to be eaten, so I slowly savoured the food and enjoyed my carefully cut pieces of tender and juicy duck breast! It was so moist and tender! I just love duck meat!
Oh my goodness, Ten Minutes by Tractor kept on bring awesome dishes one after another! Even a simple side dish was great! The heirloom organic beetroots were pickled and had a beautiful tangy taste, and with the soft goat’s cheese and the crunchy apple and beans it was a texture and flavour heaven! Absolutely love this side dish! A must order if you visit there! +++

Now…. dessert was the EPIC part of the entire meal.
When Wes came along and plonked a bowl of moss and eucalyptus gum nuts onto the table, I was thinking…..???
He then said it’s there to enhance my senses… and I was still thinking…???
Then came he started pouring some sort of liquid into the platter… and… i was like Oh…. oh… OHHHH!!!!!! He was pouring Liquid Nitrogen, and I was thinking OH MY GOD we’re having a ‘Heston Blumenthal’ like experience!
All the tables surrounding us were watching, and Zoe and I were taking our iphones filming the video LOL!

So apparently this platter of moss (I’m sure there’s a proper name) and eucalyptus gum nuts which is honey scented + liquid nitrogen was there to enhance our senses so that we could enjoy our dessert a lot more, which was a honeycomb chocolate mousse, with peach pieces, pear sorbet and a dehydrated piece of pear! Absolutely an amazing experience without burning a hole in my pocket!

I uploaded a raw unedited video to show you the moment! Hear Zoe say “Lachy, this is not a joke” ;) so cute!

The weather started dampening up, and was raining quite heavily. But before we could even leave, they bought us over our tea and coffee which we ordered along with petite cakes to enjoy! Loved it! <3

Ten Minutes by Tractor is absolutely the most brilliant experience I’ve had! Whilst I miss Zoe heaps, I’m so very glad that we both had the chance to experience this amazing restaurant together.
The staff there were absolutely attentive, professional and friendly, and the food as you can see were absolutely amazing! Highly recommended if you’re going over to Mornington Peninsula!
Stuart Bell, you’re a true genius for coming up these dishes!

3.00PM +: Drive back to Melbourne singing Amy Winehouse. LOL

To visit Ten Minutes By Tractor and the Mornington Peninsula check out Wine Compass


  1. Miss SL says

    Omg it looks incredible there! Mr LB and I passed this place over summer and commented that we should go there because heard great things about it, but now seeing the photos.. It’s a total must! Thanks again for sharing!
    Miss SL Xx

    • Hey Miss SL,

      Yes! It’s the most incredible experience I’ve had so far this year! Actually this year is filled with many good eateries, and I think I’m gaining weight D:
      They currently have a winter menu there too, perhaps it’s time for a visit?
      And you’re welcome re: sharing :)

      Peach Water

  2. WOW! what an experience! And loveeee the liquid nitrogen moment. I would have gone wah wah wah! Everything just looks so good! hehe Gonna put that to my to go list when I visit mornington peninsula next! x

  3. I’m glad I found your blog! Your photos are amazing. :D I watched that Heston styled dessert video, my it looks good! I’d be so in awe I wouldn’t have time to take out my camera! The food looked amazing at this restaurant and the trip sounded amazing as well!

    • Hey Jenny :)

      Sorry for the late reply – I was overseas in malaysia… EATING haha.

      Thank you for your kind words! Yes, you most definitely need to go that restaurant as it was just AMAZING! :D

      Peach Water

    • Hey Catherine,

      Aww thanks! AHhh my friend Zoe went to Montalto and she said it’s great.
      But really you should visit 10 min by tractor. It’s amazing :)

      peach water

  4. Pinkfinity says

    Love the appealing presentation of the food and that dessert is truly creative!!!

    And your photos look even more professional than ever!!! Crisp details, capturing the vibrant colours with stunning results.

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