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St. ALi (Revisited)

St. ALi

Address: 12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne
Phone: 03 9686 2990
Facebook: here

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Original Visit (Visit Date: January 30th):

Earlier in the year I visited St. ALi with my cousin, on a very HOT summer’s day, we ordered their signature: My Mexican Cousin and also their beautiful French Kiss dish. I left very impressed with their service, the food (both quality and presentation)!

Recently I was contacted by Sydney from ElevenPR to attend a JURA coffee masterclass that was hosted by  Salvatore Malatesta, the man behind St. ALi, Sensory Lab, My Mexican Cousin, Plantation etc, plus food by Adam D’Sylva, (head chef of Coda). The event was due to start at 9.00AM, however I managed to find myself there half n hour early, so I decided to visit St. ALi for breakfast before the event started (I mean why wouldn’t I?).

Please visit my blog tomorrow to read about my experience attending the Jura coffee masterclass. I’ll announce it through my twitter and facebook!

You all know that I’ve never really been a heavy coffee drinker, however recently due to the demands of my work, running this blog and doing my freelance work, I’ve recently been drinking coffee everyday so I can keep myself awake!
That morning I was definitely in need of coffee as I had only slept for about 3 hours. The moment I sat down, a lovely waitress came and asked whether I would like any drinks to start off with. So I ordered a soy latte.
Now, I have a lot of friends asking me whether I’m lactose intolerant (I read an article that a lot of people with Asian heritage are lactose intolerant), but I’m not. I just happen to like the slight sweetness of soy and the taste.
Question to my readers: Do you drink your coffee with milk or soy? Let me know in the comments below :)

When I was looking through the menu, I was tossing between the banana bread dish, and the coconut porridge that they had on the menu. I love my coconut, but I also love my banana bread!
So I asked the waitress, and she said, most definitely the banana bread. So I decided to go with her recommendation, and boy am I glad that I actually went with her recommendation, because look at how fantastic the dish looked! O_O oh my lord!

The presentation of the dish almost made me fall off my seat! All the elements on the dish flowed together without effort – the bright pink freeze dried raspberries, the slightly yellow tinged banana, the soft creamy colour of the banana custard along with the slightly charred banana bread, and the mint green leaves makes it look like Christmas on a plate!

So, did the food taste just as good as it looks? Without doubt.
The main element of the dish, the banana bread, may look a little burned, but it didn’t have taste bitter at all. The banana bread was crisp on the outside, whilst retaining the moisture of the banana bread. I love my banana bread!

The sub elements of the dish, the freeze dried raspberries were very much like eating raspberry chips (healthier too ;)), the banana custard has a very subtle banana flavour and was whipped until light and airy, the roasted macadamia were perfectly roasted and brought out the flavour of it, and of course the bananas on top of the banana bread were very fresh!

I have to say, St. ALi, you’ve definitely amazed me again! It’s been almost 11 months since I last visited, but you’ve still maintained the same level of service and food quality! Highly recommended :)

Remember to tune in tomorrow for my experience at the Jura masterclass!


  1. yum! I was already salivating when you were describing to me this morning but seeing it makes me want it even more! (: Their plating is so beautiful! can’t wait to go back! been ages since I went there! x

    • Hey Jenny :D
      Hopefully my masterclass post does not disappoint! :)
      I think my next visit will be a year again too :P I generally don’t do revisits but lately ive been revisiting my favourite cafes again <3

  2. Pinkfinity says

    That banana bread dish looks so pretty and colourful, talk about banana overload, u sure do love your banana. Comparing to your last visit, seems like this place are very good with their food presentation!

    • Pinkfinity:
      LOL yup – totaLLY love my bananas. it’s the best fruit and I could probably eat 2-3 in one go ;P hahahaha
      And yeah – totally awesome with their food presentation. Look out for this week’s blog :)


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