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Snow Pony


Address: 95 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103
Phone: 03 9816 8911
Facebook: here
Twitter: @snowponycafe
Cuisine: Brunch, Modern Australian, Organic
Price: $$ Only cash accepted, no cards
Opening Hours: 
Mon – Fri: 8.00 – 16.00
Sat – Sun: 8.30 – 16.00
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If there’s nothing in the fridge on a Sunday morning, and you’re sick then don’t bother cooking yourself a breakfast! Head over to the closest cafe and let them cook for you ;)
And that’s almost exactly what I did – I dragged myself out of my house to get some food. Of course there’s no way in hell that I would travel all the way to my usual brunch places like in the city for breakfast, so I decided to choose something locally….

And yup…if you want something hip, trendy and good food, then count on the owners of Friends of Mine, Porgie + Mr Jones! They now have Snow Pony  in the Eastern suburbs:D Which is only a few suburbs away from where I live!
Zoe, if you are reading this, I’ve finally made it! :D

Need I say more? Hot Chocolate! There’s plenty of hot chocolate that I’ve consumed, and my theory on hot chocolate is that if it’s in a glass tumblr with what looks like chocolate sauce, chances are it would be grossly sweet.
However, my theory has been proven wrong here by Snow Pony. The hot chocolate was definitely rich, sweet and was a rather LARGE portion of hot chocolate. I almost had a big problem trying to finish it off.

I probably shouldn’t have had something with toast, as the edges of the toast would have caused irritation to my throat even more, but I just couldn’t resist the combination of: Avocado, poached eggs and mushrooms! OH MY GOD!
I very much love my mushrooms, I love to spread avocado on anything if I could, and I would eat eggs all day if I was allowed to! So, I went against my doctor’s orders and ordered it (Naughty, Naughty!)

It was a generous portion, and I was struggling towards the end to finish my toast. Of course I was very much in heaven given that there was so much avocado and mushrooms, and the yolk oozed out of the poached egg perfectly, however I did find that the marinated feta cheese was a bit overpowering for me. I would have been happy without it.

Because my throat was very sore, I had to cut off the crust so that it wouldn’t cause as much irritation, which is quite a shame, as there was pepita seeds on the side of the crust which made the bread flavoursome :(
As for the basil leaves, I actually welcomed the aroma of the sweet basil :) It’s probably not as powering as the Thai Basil, but I think it well with the dish.

So if you’re in the Eastern Suburbs and looking for a place to have brunch, Snow Pony is a must go to place for breakfast. The place is quite busy so I suggest going early, or just go yourself. You can fill up those single seats available :P
I just enjoy going to breakfast alone because I get to eat in peace and catch up on my twitter and facebook feed. (As you can see in my photo I have my trusty iphone ;))

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    • Hey Daisy!
      Oh yes – I saw the banana bread which Lianne posted up! It kinda reminds me of St Ali’s brioche with summer fruits! I love banana bread, so Ill definitely need to visit :)

      Peach Water

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