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ShanDong MaMa


ShanDong MaMa

Address: Shop 7, 200 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9650 3818
Website: N/A
Twitter: @ShanDongMaMa
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Catherine @Petit MiamX

As of recent I have been writing up a lot of brunch reviews, almost to the point where I am thinking all I eat these days are brunches! So, I went through my backlog and noticed that my visit to ShanDong MaMa back in late February has not been published yet. Quite embarrassing considering how my foodie partner, Catherine for ShanDong MaMa posted her review up ages ago!

Oh well nevertheless, I am sure many of you in the foodie scene would have heard of ShanDong MaMa as being the hippest dumpling place in Melbourne at the moment. Do I think so too? Read on! :)

ShanDong MaMa is located in Chinatown in the mid alley arcade, where my favourite Taiwanese noodle place used to be. I used to frequent that place a lot during my uni days… but it’s gone now :(

Catherine and I decided to order half sharings of fried dumplings, boiled dumplings and an appetiser to share.

The first dish to arrive were our half sharings of Prawn, Black Fungus, Chives Fried Dumplings and Melbourne Fried Dumplings.
When it arrived, I must admit I was not impressed. The dumplings were not fried evenly and looked half done! Surely they would have noticed before serving it right?
Given that the dumplings arrived looking half fried, it tasted rather soggy.

The fillings were ok. Between the Prawn, Black Funus, Chives Fried dumplings and the Melbourne Fried Dumplings, I preferred the Melbourne Fried Dumplings.
The Melbourne Fried Dumplings consists of diced seafood (prawn, calamari, mussel & fish), olive oil, parsley and garlic. The reason why I preferred this was because of it’s lemony taste to it.


Next up, was their signature boiled mackerel dumplings that everyone seems to rave about. I’m indifferent with this dish.
The boiled fish dumplings were very soft and subtle in flavours. It doesn’t have an overly fishy taste.


Our last dish was by far the best dish out of the three dishes. Sadly the dish is a non-dumpling dish, but a stuffed fried egg plant dish. Tastes great with the dumpling sauce & chilli oil.


– As much as I want to like it, I would have to say that I do not believe in the hype around this restaurant despite the raving reviews in Age Epicure and other bloggers. It must be a hit or miss place.
– The stuffed fried egg plant dish is a must try dish if anything!
– Service is attentive, but there was only about 4 patrons in the restaurant.
– Half servings are possible, but you will need to pay extra.


  1. Haha funny cos I preferred the prawn and chive dumplings over the Melbourne ones. I went back a couple of weeks later and much liked that experience cos the dumplings were actually fried properly! I think Shandong is nice but nothing crazy special lol i guess too much hype from epicure etc.

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