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Secret Kitchen


Recently I had the pleasure of attending a VIP dinner at Secret Kitchen featuring Hong Kong celebrity Chef Dai Long and sponsor Moutai Australia. The dinner was a 10 course dinner banquet which is part of Secret Kitchen’s  Australian International banquet series called ‘Secret Kitchen x Chef Dai Long’

For those who don’t know, Chef Dai Long, who is known as the God of Cookery in Hong Kong with about 50 years of cooking experience and is the honorary chairman of the hong kong and macao chefs association. On the night Chef Dai Long demonstrated the preparation of a well known Moutai Chicken dish (which we was part of the banquet) and his well known Emperors Fried Rice (also another dish from the banquet).


For the appetisers, we had two dishes, a fresh Garden Salad topped with salmon roe and a tangy sauce, followed by crowd pleasing Foie Gras Honey Seasoned Baked Tomato and Osmanthus, served with crackers. The foie gras on crackers was very moreish which made me go back for more.


Garden Salad


Foie Gras w Honey Seasoned Baked Tomato and Osmanthus

Secret-Kitchen-Honey-Baked-Tomatoes Secret-Kitchen-Entree


For entree we had the pleasure of sampling Secret Kitchen’s crispy suckling pig. Each piece of very crispy suckling pig was served with pieces of cucumber and avocado (interesting addition but was really good) and fluffy white baos.


Signature Suckling Pig


Next up on the dinner banquet was a beautiful light soup made with greenlip abalone, sea cucumber, goji berries, mushrooms and wood ear fungus in chicken broth. The broth was lightly seasoned so that it didn’t over power the ingredients within the soup.


Greenlip Abalone with Sea Cucumber in Chicken Broth


For mains we had several dishes including: Sautéed Fresh Pearl Meat and Scallop, Crispy King Prawn in Hawthorn Berry Sauce, Wok Seared Wagyu Beef and Wild Boar Belly in Emperor Sauce, Moutai Chicken, Fresh Coral Trout Fillet Rolled with Salted Duck Yolk & Basil and Baked Wild Mushroom in Emerald Sauce. 

I won’t go through dish specifically but the highlight dishes for me from the mains were: Fresh Coral Trout Filled rolled Salted Duck Yolk & Basil and the surprisingly the Baked Wild Mushroom in Emerald Sauce.

The Fresh Salted Coral Trout rolled in salted duck yolk and basil was so decandent. The tender pieces of fresh salted coral trout was generously covered in the creamy, salted duck yolk and basil which made me go back for second servings.

As for the Baked Wild Mushroom in Emerald Sauce, I was surprised that I enjoyed the dish as it didn’t look so pleasant when it arrived – looking suspiciously green and not much character. Once we cut open into it, the mix mushroom appeared. I love the pairing of mushrooms with the emerald sauce.

Whilst the Moutai Chicken was a highlighted dish, unfortunately I found the Moutai to be too overpowering for the chicken, having said that the chicken was tender and juicy. If you have a preference of strong alcohol, this dish may be for you.


Sautéed Fresh Pearl Meat and Scallop

Secret Kitchen Crispy Prawn in Hawthorn Berry Sauce

Crispy King Prawn in Hawthorn Berry Sauce


Wok Seared Wagyu Beef and Wild Boar Belly in Emperor Sauce


Moutai Chicken


Fresh Coral Trout Fillet Rolled with Salted Duck Yolk & Basil


Baked Wild Mushroom in Emerald Sauce


Signature Dish

The final savoury dish for the night was the Chef Dai Long’s signature dish: Emperor’s Fried Rice. I can now understand why there’s so much fanfare for this dish, The fried rice was fried perfectly with an array of fresh ingredients. All the grains of rice was separated and coated with soy. It didn’t taste oily at all. I could have easily eaten a bowl of two, but I held back and had a few spoonfuls.


Emperor’s Fried Rice


To finish the night we had Glutinous Ball with Mango Filling and Seasonal Fruits. The glutinous ball was soft and chewy in texture, and filled with mango puree that was lightly sweetened. It was the perfect way to finish the evening.


Glutinous Ball with Mango Filling and Seasonal Fruits

It has been a while since I last had a Chinese banquet and it was great to experience it again with a large variety of dishes. Whilst this event is no longer available, you can experience the traditional Chinese dishes that are offered at Secret Kitchen.

Secret Kitchen’s Contact Details

Address: Westfield Doncaster, ShopL2-2003, 619 Doncaster Road, Doncaster
Phone: 03 9840 2248

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Peach attended as a guest of Secret Kitchen. The opinions expressed in this post are based entirely on my experience and observations made during the time of my visit.

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