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Address: 8 Whiteman St, Southbank, VIC 3006
Phone: 03 8648 1999
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Foodie Partners: Catherine @Petite Miamx

Just before Christmas Eve, Catherine and I decided to catch up before Christmas at Rosetta, which is Neil Perry’s newest venture down at Crown. This new venture is Neil’s take on Italian Cuisine.
The recipes used at this restaurants are all developed from Neil’s extensive travels around Italy.

The day which we visited, was a hot 40 °C. When I arrived the team at Rosetta were having a briefing so I was offered a seat in the waiting area. It wasn’t long before I was taken to our dining table which Catherine had reserved earlier.
The environment and atmosphere of the restaurant felt very grand, and luxurious, which was also apparent in the service and food itself.

When I was seated at my table I was offered a glass of icy cold water, and was given a very delicate and light pink printed menu to look at. I absolutely love the fine details which they put into the menus. The scallop edges of the menu, and the lovely delicate colour of the menu, which were either light pink or yellow.

For drinks, I ordered a glass of Rose wine, which was a 2012 SC Pannell, Adelaide Hills SA, Nebbiolo. Whilst I prefer sweeter wines, this rose wine wasn’t too sweet and slightly dry.

Catherine on the other hand ordered a glass of Gin and Tonic.

To start off, we were offered some grossini sticks. The grossini sticks were incredibly crunchy!

We were also served some bread, which was light and spongy in texture. This was served with a very fruity extra virgin olive oil from Venice.

For starters Catherine and I ordered a plate of charcoal grilled marinated mushrooms with pecorino. Both Catherine and I love our mushrooms so we both enjoyed this dish a lot. The mushrooms were tender and juicy, and was flavoured lightly to enhance the flavours of the mushrooms.
Just a small amount of shaved pecorino cheese was enough to add extra flavour but not overpowering the delicate flavours of the mushrooms.

For mains, Catherine and I ordered two dishes.
The first dish we ordered was the spaghetti alla chitarra which is spaghetti with prawns and pistachio. The waiter who looked after us that night, told us that this dish is one of their most popular dishes.
The spaghetti pasta was cooked al dente, and together with the combination of pistachio and prawns it was a light pasta dish. It’s not a strong pasta dish, but more of a delicate dish.
Whilst the prawns and pistachio combination did seem slightly odd on paper, they complimented each other well. Pistachios are probably one of my favourite nuts, so it went down a treat for me.
The prawns were cooked nicely,  and tender and juicy.

At the time of ordering, Catherine and I were tossing between the suckling pig and the wood fire roasted partridge bird. The reason why we were tossing between the two, was because we felt that the partridge bird sounded Christmassy.
In the end, we chose the suckling pig, and I definitely don’t regret choosing it because it’s a great dish.

The wood fire roasted suckling pig was roasted until the crackling was crispy, yet retaining the tender and juiciness of the meat. You could hear me chewing on the crackling from a far distance because it was that crunchy!
The taste of the mustard fruits reminds me of a glaced cherries crossed between wasabi.

The waiter also suggested that we order a side to accompany the suckling pig as well.
The side which we had ordered was the crispy potato with garlic and rosemary salt. The potatoes were cooked to profession. Roasted until golden brown and lightly seasoned with garlic and rosemary salt.

Catherine and I ordered two desserts to share between the both of us.

We ordered a chocolate gelati, and a lemon sorbetti. Both flavours were incredibly extremely strong in flavour.
The chocolate gelati was very smooth, creamy and strong in chocolate flavour, whilst lemon sorbetti was very lemony and quite acidic in taste. Extremely refreshing.
What I like about this mix cup of gelati and sorbetti is the thin crisp biscuit with the name Rosetta piped on the biscuit.

The other dessert Catherine and I ordered was the Panna Cotta with Fresh Raspberries looks very simple on plate, but it was amazing.
The panna cotta was very smooth, creamy and had a strong vanilla flavour. You can tell that vanilla beans were used to make the Panna Cotta as you can see the black specks in the Panna Cotta.

The raspberries were extremely fresh and slightly tart in taste, which went well with the subtle sweet taste of the panna cotta.

Overall I found my overall experience at Rosetta to be very pleasant. Whilst the luxurious and grand looking interior may scare people, the staff there are professional, friendly and helpful to ensure that you receive a good experience.


  1. The food does indeed look great; why would you think it has such a bad score on Urbanspoon? Also, how were the prices?

    • Hey there Indjagar,

      I’m not sure why it has a bad score on Urbanspoon. I tend not to look at scores when I go to Urbanspoon, as they are generally not accurate.
      The prices are quite reasonable for something that’s fine dining :) Around the 20-30$ mark per dish for mains.


  2. Pinkfinity says

    Ooh la la looks so fancy here and photos looks so clear and clean again! Love their menu!

    • Pinkfinity:

      Yup – super posh and fancy, but not too crazy in pricing though!

      You should see their business card – super fancy :)


  3. Welsh says

    Urbanspoon is a terrible website full of liars and idiots who don’t get their own way and decide to scorn to be petty. Usually the restaurant has now idea anything has ever happened because instead of bringing incidents to the attention of the manager, they winge online.It can be quite detrimental to the little guys. (I work in a 1 hat restaurant in the suburbs and Urbanspoon really bugs me)

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