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Rockwell and Sons


Rockwell and Sons

Address: 288 Smith St, Collingwood, VIC
Phone: 03 8415 0700
Website: here
Twitter: @rockwellandsons
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Ting Tangy

Being the only child, it was quite lonely growing up, but luckily I grew up with cousins around my age.
Now that we’re all grown up, we all have our own lives, we rarely catch up. I do however catch up with my cousin Miss Ting Tangy (not her real name :P) a lot more.
It’s been so long (almost a year) since I last caught up with her, so I decided to catch up with her over lunch.

So last Sunday, Miss Ting Tangy and I went down to Smith St, hoping to try out Masak Masak. When we walked past the place looked dead empty for over 2 hours, and so we decided against it (I hate empty places, it feels really awkward). So we ended up going to Rockwell and Sons, which was pretty packed.

After browsing the menu, we decided to go for the lunch menu as they have a variety of burgers, sandwiches and rolls. Having seen Julie’s  blog post with her ever so tentalizing burger photos I knew it would be a good choice, and I’m also getting sick of the same ol’ brunch dishes these days. I am glad we did, because we left very happy and satisfied.

Miss Ting Tangy ordered a Pressed Rib Sandwich, which we ended up splitting in half and sharing. Whilst the pressed rib sandwich is full of flavour from the BBQ sauce and full of texture from the fennel and onions, both Miss Ting Tangy and I felt, the pressed rib was a bit on the dry side and not moist enough. The brioche bun was light, airy and toasted.


Whilst walking along Smith St, I checked out Rockwell and Sons on my phone and knew I was going to order the Maine-Style Tiger Prawn Roll. Why? Kewpie Mayo. I mean seriously, kewpie makes everything taste 10x better :P

Like the pressed ribbed sandwich, the Maine-Style Tiger Prawn roll came in a toasted brioche bun, light and airy.
I really love the tiger prawn and kewpie mayo mix, it was so heavenly biting into the brioche bun with the tiger prawn and kewpie mayo filling. Very creamy and the prawns were cooked to perfection!
As for the pickled celery, it was a complete surprise. I personally hate celery, but I totally loved the pickled celery! It doesn’t have a very strong aroma that you get with fresh celery. It was pickled perfectly! More pickles! I love my pickles!

MaineStylePrawnRoll I told Miss Ting Tangy that we NEED to order a side of French Fries, as I was having strong cravings for potatoes. Why? Well no thanks to my good friend @tigerhawkrosebud, and her crazy potato addiction (she blames her part Irish heritage), I now have an addiction for potatoes. *sigh*

I have to say, these french fries are the best I’ve had in a very long time. I love the rustic cut, and how they are fried to golden perfection! In addition, their malt vinegar aioli is the best! Very creamy and love the acidic taste of the malt vinegar! I would totally go back to Rockwell and Sons for the fries! The best! Yum! :D

  • The french fries are the best. The highlight of our lunch! Must order!
  • Out of the pressed rib sandwich and maine style tiger prawn roll, the latter wins hands down.
  • Service was a bit slow.


  1. take me take me if you go again lol :) burger burger! We didn’t have the fries last time but im keen to try that biscuit from them :)

  2. Yes! Double smash burger was my fav as well! We ordered the pressed rib sandwich as well, but it was good! not dry! Think it’s just inconsistent! Really liked this place, but if you are talking about burgers and fries, still love my Huxtaburger! hehe

    It’s nice that you grew up with your cousins and that you guys are still so close! (: I wish I had my close cousins here! xx

    • Twinnie!

      I wanna try Double Smash burger now >_< Hahaha, I actually prefer the fries at Rockwells than at Huxtaburger. I dunno what's special about Huxtaburger's fries tbh! Yeah, grew up with my cousin, but not as close with male cousins. Probably closer to my female cousin!

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