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Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne

Quince Tart

Address:  Crown Casino 8 Whiteman St Southbank, VIC 3000
03 8648 1900
Twitter: @
Cuisine: Steakhouse & Modern Australian
Opening Hours: Lunch: Sunday to Friday, Dinner: 7 days
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Foodie Partner: Audrey

Those who follow me on Twitter will know of my steak cravings that I had a couple of weeks ago. It all started when I went through a week eating all these food that had very little meat content, and then all of a sudden it hit me that I haven’t had good serving of meat for the whole week, and then the cravings started. I messaged Audrey and asked her whether she was up for Rockpool and she said that it would be a great idea to celebrate her passing her CPA subject. So I made a booking and had to endure 1 week of steak cravings! What made it funny was that everywhere I went I saw photos of steak, almost to the point where I though I was going insane. haha.

So with so much hype and so much craving for steak I trekked through the streets of Melbourne in the gushing wind with my pink duck umbrella gripped tightly in the fear that I might fly away (LOL!) before arriving at the entrance of Rockpool with wet boots -_-;
Whilst waiting for Audrey I scanned my surroundings and noticed that the whole atmosphere felt extremely casual for a fine dining restaurant, some patrons had little kids who were nagging, a guy who thought it was ok to “slurp” his lettuce into his mouth instead of cutting his lettuce into bite size pieces and people dressed in the most casual clothing. Having said that I think it’s a norm for the restaurants in Crown regardless of whether it’s lunch or dinner (experienced the same sort of atmosphere at Atlantic).

As I’ve never been to Rockpool before, Audrey said that we would need to order a couple of side dishes as the steaks came on its own.
So we ended up ordering 3 sides, 2 steaks, an entree (Woodfire prawns) and 2 desserts.

For some reason when I was placing my order I had this feeling that the waitress was going to forget one of our dish, and funny enough she did. She forgot our woodfire prawns that we ordered, and I thought it would have arrived later but it never did. When I asked her about it she sheepishly said “I forgot” and asked whether we wanted our prawns. As we were quite full from our steak we declined.

Whilst we waited for our steak to arrived we went through a whole moment of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the wonderful presentation of the butter on a dark wooden board and the pink sea salt. And yes, I was so hungry that I started spreading butter on my bread before taking a photo of it, only for Audrey to look in horror wondering why I started eating before taking photos! hahaha.

When I was ordering my steak I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to order the David Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu Topside or the Cape Grim Grass Fed Scotch Fillet.
Audrey told me that the scotch fillet is a better cut than the topside so I went with that.
Generally I have my steak rare or even blue, but the waitress said that it would be best to have it medium rare so I went with the waitress’ recommendation.

Once our food was ready to be served to us, an army of waiters (3) came over with our dishes, with one carrying sauces for us to have with our steak. I chose Dijon mustard and Harissa sauce whilst Audrey went with Harissa and BBQ sauce.
When I looked at my steak one side was close to medium rare whilst the other side seemed closer to rare :( Whilst I had no problems with eating a rare steak I was expecting my steak to be cooked evenly.
Audrey also commented that her steak (Fillet) was also the same, and that it wasn’t cooked evenly.

Putting the negative points aside, the steak did taste good. I enjoyed the Harissa sauce which is a Tunisian hot chilli sauce, which is full of flavours, and the dijon mustard gave it an extra kick!

I must say the sides I had at Rockpool Bar & Grill were great. All of the sides which we ordered are my favourite vegetables :D

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato with burnt butter and garlic yoghurt: I really loved how sweet and soft the pumpkins were. I didn’t really taste the garlic in the garlic yoghurt as much though.
Sautéed Mixed Mushrooms: I LOVE mushrooms! The mushrooms were lightly seasoned and it just tasted great like it is without extra flavours added to it. It really does match Neil Perry’s idea of using salt to bring out the flavours.
Baby Kipfler Potatoes Sautéed in Wagyu Fat with Garlic and Rosemary:  mmmmm wagyu fat. LOL for some strange reason the words wagyu fat really made me want to order and I have no regrets ordering it. The potatoes were slightly crisp on the outside and very floury on the inside!

We ordered 2 desserts and a petite four to share.
I think it’s almost a tradition that Audrey and I order creme brûlée. I love my creme brûlée and I can never say no to one!

I must say I do suffer from selective reading, and when I ordered the creme brulee without noticing that there were whisky prunes, and in all honesty I don’t like prunes.
Whilst the creme brûlée was great, I felt that with the addition of the singleton whisky prunes, had ruined the delicateness of the creme brûlée. I felt that the whisky soaked prunes were too overpowering, and in the end I just ate the creme brulee and left a majority of the prunes untouched.

Audrey on the other hand had the Quince and Hazelnut Tart with White Clover Honey Mousse. I must say I was in awe of the presentation of the tart! It looked amazing with the quince pieces rolled up and made it look like a bouquet of roses! super pretty right? I didn’t really try the tart much to give a review on it, but for those who haven’t had quince before, it has a slight tartness to it.

As for the petite four, we had the Cashew and Sesame Chocolate Bark. As I was feeling relatively full I didn’t eat much of the chocolate bark, but I must say it’s has a very strong nutty and sesame flavour (duh!) and they used dark chocolate.
I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate and I would have enjoyed it more if it was milk chocolate. I would also advise those who order this dish to eat really quickly as the chocolate melts quite quickly in your fingers! It’s not tempered chocolate!

Whilst I may have spoken of my disappointment in Rockpool with my friends due to the steak not being cooked evenly, the atmosphere and the waitress forgetting my order, I have to say that the produce used in the dishes were all high quality.
It’s a shame because all the reviews I’ve read they all seemed positive and I’ve also been told that the place is much better at night. I don’t think I will be returning in the near future, but I may revisit at a later stage during night to see whether it feels any different.


  1. what a shame about the steak =( And I do apologise cause I was building up the anticipation of having meat throughout the week!

    I never had quince before, but that presentation is just beautiful! and I know that when and if I do go to Rockpool, that kipfler potato sauteed in wagyu fat is something I will definitely order! Golden brown, crispy and fluffy on the inside!

    • Hey Lianne,

      I know it’s a shame about the steak because I would love to have a good steak considering I had such a massive craving for it! LOL no need to apologise :)

      Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever had quince before then. But yeah Love how beautiful it is!

      And yes – A definite must if you go to rockpool, you’ll need to get those potatoes.
      Actually just get all the sides :P

      Peach Water

  2. If they stuffed up your order – you should tell them so. You’re not paying for a McDonalds meal, you *need* better service than that.

    I really recommend getting starters. The Quail is great. Also, a plate of Jamon (spanish ham) is a must.

    Because they use a wood fire grill, its difficult to maintain a consistant heat and cook properly.

    As Lianne said – kipfler potatos sautéed in wagyu fat is a MUST.

    Also, try for lunch on the bar menu. Wagyu Burger is deadly.

    • Hey Tommy!,

      So glad you’ve commented! :)
      Anyway, you’re correct I should have told them so, but I was waiting quite a long time, and I was hungry so I didn’t want to wait any longer :(

      Yeah, we wanted to order the woodfire prawns but it never came :( But if I do visit, I’ll definitely try the Jamon and Quail!

      Ahhh – Is that why it’s hard to get a consistent heat! :) thanks for letting me know!

      Yeah – I’ve been told that their Wagyu Burger is the bomb! Will definitely go there for my burger adventure :P

      Thanks for the detailed feedback btw ;)

      Peach Water

  3. audrey says

    Yeah, The Point next time for a better package.. Crown is meh. While the food is OK, $25 for mushrooms? No. `Quality ` ingredients are not in itself an excuse to jack up prices, it should also be cooked well and taste amazing.

    • Hey Audrey!

      About time you commented on my blog :P
      Anyway, you’re right, a lot of restaurants I’ve visited at crown are quite disappointing :(

      And, yah, $25 for mushrooms is quite pricey but it was very delish. But then again I do love my mushrooms very much!

      Peach Water

  4. Wow that taaaart @_@ You keep going to places I plan on going to in the near future, making you an excellent resource :p Would you say the steaks at rockpool are worth the premium price that they charge? I wonder if they ever have anyone buying their sterling caviar….

    • Hey Ming!
      *waves* hehe Hahaha I’m glad that I’ve become your resource, and I guess we have similar interest in places to eat?! I always check your blog out too before I try out a place!

      Based on my exp with the steak not cooked perfectly, I don’t think it’s worth that premium price, but like my friend said in one of the comments above, they cook it under a wood fire flame so it’s difficult for them to maintain a consistent heat throughout. However the meat did taste great, but from what I’ve been told I can get steak cheaper and taste better too.

      I think we’re paying for the name LOL (Designer steak)

      Hmmm, when I went there, I don’t think anyone would have ordered the sterling caviar :P

      Peach Water

  5. Great review love :) It is unfortunate that the steak wasn’t cooked perfectly, because Rockpool are known for their steaks and they really should’ve made sure before serving it to customers sighhhhh

    And even though I liked Rockpool I agree with you that it is a little overated and overpriced >_<

    LOL this is another place thats in my backlog i'm so bad :P

    • Hey Daisy,

      Thank you dear! Yeah, Rockpool is know for their steaks. Whilst the food wasn’t what I expected, I do think it may have been that day.
      I have had people going their saying it’s so good, so I really don’t know :( I’ll try again maybe next time.

      Peach Water

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