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Rock the Wok

Address: TG 08 Goldsbrough Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9642 2429
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Cuisine: Thai
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Foodie Partner: Kahlil

This is yet another backlog post, but nevertheless, anything that is great tasting needs to be blogged about so that fellow Melbournians and those visiting Melbourne can experience it too!

During my Jury Duty last year I walked passed Rock the Wok and was tempted to try out their food but found myself eating at the Japanese cafe next door too many times.
So when I met up with Kahlil he told me to find a place within walking distance from his office. So we decided to try something out along Goldsbrough Lane.
Well, I’m glad to say that I’ve finally had a chance to try out the food at Rock the Wok and I must say that the food here rocks! Authentic, quick and tasty!

Kahlil, being the monkey he is, ordered the Jungle Curry. I didn’t try his dish but looking at his food you can see that it’s full of fresh greens, generous amount of seafood and was cook with a good amount of spice.

I, on the other hand ordered the Tom Yum Soup with Noodles. I have a great love for Thai food, especially for Tom Yum. When I ordered over the counter I was told I can either choose between noodles or rice to go with the Tom Yum, so I chose noodles to go with it.
I’m not sure what noodles they usually have in Tom Yum because I generally have the soup on its own. In Rock the Wok’s version they used vermicelli and I think that this type of noodles went down well with the Tom Yum soup. ┬áThe soup base was tangy, full of fragrance from the lemongrass and packed a full punch of flavour. It’s mild in spiciness but enough to make me cough a little bit, although I believe I could have asked for it to be slightly spicier.
My dish too had a generous serving of seafood and vegetables, and I must say it kept me satisfied for the whole day.

So if there’s a dish I must recommend to try at Rock the Wok then it has to be Tom Yum Noodles!

Whilst the store doesn’t look super flashy, and you don’t have waiters standing there waiting to take your order, this place is a hidden gem. I’ve been told by one of’s regular foodie partner (Audrey), that it’s one of her friend’s favourite lunch places.

This is definitely a place that you don’t want to overlook and by all means order a bowl of Tom Yum to try for yourself!


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