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Revisit: Auction Rooms


Auction Rooms

Address: 103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne 3051
Phone: 03 9326 7749
Twitter: @auction_rooms
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Ting Tangy

Back in October 2011, when I first wrote about Auction Room, they were voted the 2011’s best cafe award. Fast forward 1 year and 10 months, they’ve been announced as Best Cafe for 2013’s Good Cafe Guide.

Bearing the chilly Melbourne weather, Ting Tangy and I travelled to North Melbourne to revisit Auction Rooms. The moment I entered into Auction Rooms, memories started flowing back. I paused and scanned around the cafe. Lots of hustle and bustle and was able to spot a familiar face or two :)

To start off with, Ting Tangy and I decided to have a flat white – Candyman blend – one of their seasonal espresso blend. It’s light-medium bodied and left a sweet taste the moment it hit my taste buds. Very creamy and great after taste.


Ting Tangy and I quickly settled on two dishes – Tea Smoked Salmon with quinoa potato hash, braised kale, poached egg and bearnaise sauce, and the slow braised beef cheek with horseradish, roasted parsnip puree, fried egg & heirloom beetroot salad.

After 10-15 minutes our first dish, Tea smoked salmon with quinoa potato hash, braised kale, poached egg and bearnaise sauce arrived, but the second dish was nowhere to be seen.

Ting Tangy and I decided to start eating our first dish and wait out for our second dish, but sadly it never arrived. We asked the waiter (it was his first day) who was extremely apologetic and advised that he misheard us and was happy to place our order for the second dish. As we were close to full we decided to order a less heavier dish and decided on the winter fruit salad dish.

Anyway, back to the first dish – this is definitely a must order dish.
I took my first bite of the braised kale and it was simply delicious – buttery in taste and felt like it was going to melt in my mouth.

Auction Rooms’ take on the potato hash is absolutely delicious and not to mention healthy – It’s not just any potato hash, it was a quinoa potato hash. We all know that quinoa has its different health benefits, so having that added to the potato hash made it healthier and great texture. The quinoa potato hash was fried until crispy golden, yet moist and fluffy in the inside.

As for the tea smoked salmon, it was cooked perfectly. Crispy on the inside and slightly rare on the inside. It has a very subtle tea taste but not overpowering.

Aside from the above three components of the dish, the dish was made completely with a perfectly poached egg and the bearnaise sauce.


I dont think this next dish needs much of an introduction – the humble and healthy fruit salad.
This fruit salad really refreshing and sweet (except for that one random piece of grapefruit that made me scrunch my face).
The roasted sesame was really flavoursome, crispy and not overly sweet, and the creamy vanilla yoghurt binded all the fruits together. I generally don’t like vanilla yoghurt, but I particularly liked the taste of this yoghurt.
Sadly the chia didn’t really do much for the dish, but it did make it look interesting.


Aside from the dish muck up, the service was very quick and attentive.
It’s busy as usual and yes, there is a waiting list. Ting Tangy and I sat near the door and was rather freezing.
The dishes are innovative and I love the dishes that they have to offer. Would definitely revisit in the future again to try their other dishes!


  1. I haven’t been back to eat at Auction Room since they first opened in 2008 but I do think it’s admirable that they’ve been able to snatch ‘best cafe’ this year! Food looks good anyway :)

  2. Jas@AbsolutelyJas says

    That is the prettiest restaurant fruit salad that I’ve ever seen! Well shot!

    • Charissa!

      Thank you for dropping by :D
      Yes! You definitely need to visit Auction Rooms! It’s exactly the same :D but improved ^_^


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