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Ramen Ya

Address: Shop 9, The Paramount, 108 Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 03 9662 1001
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Cuisine: Japanese
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That day prior to meeting Jo to go iceskating, I was really hungry, so I dropped by at Ramen Ya for lunch.
In all strangeness, I’ve never had ramen at Ramen Ya before even though I’ve been at Ramen Ya a number of times. I’m not quite sure why, but every time I go, I always end up having the bento. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the ramen, but I always feel enticed to order the bento box instead.

Since Ramen Ya opened, I’ve always visited the GPO branch. I had only discovered the Paramount Branch just recently when I walk to work from Parliament Station. This branch at The Paramount is a lot bigger and spacier.

I decided to order the Bento box over Ramen this time because I had just visited the nail salon to have my nails done (Went to my friend’s wedding that week). So I figured that if I had a bento box I could probably get away with eating my meal with a spoon only.

There was a bit of a wait even though the store was quite empty, but I was ok sitting at the table reading my twitter feeds.
The salad in the bento box was really nice and tangy and I’m suspecting that they used ponzu dressing, which is a dressing that is a citrus based dressing.

I’m not the biggest fan of gyoza or dumplings, but I do enjoy the occasional gyoza from time to time. The gyoza here is quite average. It’s like every other gyoza you have at food courts.

As for the Ebi (Prawn) tempura, I found it to be quite nice. The batter was crunchy, and there was quite a bit of prawn! Of course it had a good squirt of Kewpie Mayo on top, and we all know that Kewpie Mayo makes everything taste good!

What I didn’t enjoy about the bento box was the large amount of rice! The moment I finished eating the tempura prawns, there was still a substantial amount of rice left over!

Tempura Ebi Bento Box

Tempura Ebi Bento Box

When I was at the counter, I saw these really cute Daifuku for sale. Of course I had to buy the pink daifuku, which is a Sakura Daifuku.

So what exactly is daifuku? It’s a Japanese sweet that is a small mound of mochi (glutinous rice) stuffed with a sweet filling like red bean paste. It’s not overly sweet and definitely something that everyone should try.

Opening the little box was a big pain for me, as I only had my nails done 15 min prior, so I ┬áreally didn’t want to destroy my nails. When I did manage to open the lid, it went flying.

I do have a love for mochi, but with this daifuku I found it to be a strange tasting. Not so much the mochi and the filling, but the edible Sakura leaf that was placed on top. It has a very distinct flavour and tasted like… well.. a leaf. I personally would have enjoyed it more if there was no leaf placed on top. Having said I did enjoy the mochi as it was slightly chewy and the red bean filling was perfect sweetness.

Sakura Daifuku

Sakura Daifuku

Sakura Daifuku

Sakura Daifuku

┬áIf you’re looking for somewhere quick to eat, I suggest you to give Ramen Ya a go – either The Paramount or the GPO branch are fine – they both taste good!
Just a word of advice to my female readers, if you do have manicured nails, I suggest you to be careful ;)

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