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Prospect Espresso

Fruit Salad + Coconut Biscuits

Prospect Espresso

Address: 2A Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell, 3124
Phone:03 9882 7359
Twitter: @pespresso

Prospect Espresso on UrbanspoonFoodie Partners: Regina J Lacerta, Ellie, Table Prince

For a couple of weeks, Reggie and I were planning on going to Camberwell to visit Whoopie Pie Bakery, however the store has mysteriously stopped operating. We’ve tried calling multiple times and emailing them, but no answer. The store is closed as well. Their facebook page did mention about relaunching a new menu this week, but no word since. As that plan backfired, we decided to go to Prospect Espresso for brunch instead.

When we arrived at Prospect Espresso, Reggie and I stood outside the cafe pondering whether it was possible to fit a pram into the cafe as it was quite small. Luckily we did fit :) Whilst standing outside, Reggie told me that the place used to be a hairdresser and also the place where she first had her ears pierced! :O

I must say that this brunch experience with Reggie was a true eye opener, and I’m completely exhausted right now as I’m writing this blog post (I had to piggy back and carry Ellie around).
Generally when I go on planned food blogging (meaning I take my DSLR w/ me), it would be myself, my camera, my empty stomach and maybe a foodie partner (generally aged 20+). But this time, I had a 2 year old and infant.

Little Table Prince (see: Grand Tofu), was well behaved as he was sleeping in the pram. But with 2 year old Ellie, it meant that I had to be quick on my toes and snap up the food before she starts destroying it with her fingers!

Whilst waiting for our drinks to arrive, Ellie dunked her entire little hand into the glass of water. “That’s not too bad” I thought to myself, and boy was I wrong! By the time she finished dunking her hand into the glass, the water turned murky and cloudy… and .. OH-MY-LORD, she drank out of the glass! EEKS! Reggie told me that it was totally normal with little kids, and that Ellie does it often haha. I guess being an only child and not having any nieces or nephews, I don’t witness it often to realise how dirty little kids are! Hey, I was a very clean kid! When I ate food I would always put my little hand under my chin to make sure it didn’t drip all over the place (I have photo evidence)! Yes! A very sensible and clean child thank you very much :P

As usual I ordered my hot chocolate. The hot chocolate here is decadent – not overly rich but with a dark chocolate taste to it. A marshmallow also came with the hot chocolate. One thing I learned from Reggie was to never give a little toddler marshmallows as they are considered choking hazards! :O So I had to tear it into small pieces to give to little Ellie!

Reggie ordered tea for her drink – Earl Grey.
You probably cannot tell from the photos but all the cups and saucers are in a seafoam green (tried to keep my photos in natural lighting these days rather than fixing the white balance). I think a lot of cafes are choosing that colour for their cups and saucers these days (see: Two birds one stone). I really love how they serve it with a cute milk bottle though :)

Whilst waiting for our food to arrive, Ellie said she wanted a babyccino. We waited for a while but the babyccino did not arrive, and so Reggie had to ask them where it was, only for the them to tell her that they forgot :(
Shortly after Ellie’s cute babyccino arrived :)

Ellie had the banana bread with butter for breakfast. (Normally served with espresso butter and walnuts), but since Ellie is a little kid, Reggie requested for butter only, as I don’t think she would go well with espresso butter and walnuts! (choking hazard and a hyperactive child is not good!). Before I could even take a photo of the food, Ellie had already dipped her entire finger into the butter! haha. Oh dear. The butter is served with a small sprinkle of sea salt on top!
I tried a small piece of Ellie’s banana bread and I have to admit the banana bread was very moist and you can definitely taste the banana in it! *thumbs up*

Next up was my baked eggs, tomato relish, mushrooms & goats cheese with brioche. It was sadly a very disappointing dish. Why? Well, I love my baked eggs, I eat it often enough to know what makes a good baked egg dish.
For me a good baked egg dish would be one where I can stick my spoon/fork into the egg yolk, and for the egg yolk to ooze out, and this is the point where I would dip brioche/sour dough into my oozing egg yolk.
But, here the eggs were over cooked, cooked to the point where the egg yolks were very much like the consistency of a hard boiled egg :( Not medium. Hard. Whilst, I could have sent the dish back, I didn’t only because I was hungry and I didn’t want to wait any longer for my dish to arrive.

I was hoping that since the eggs were over cooked, that at least the rest of the dish was wet enough for me to dip my brioche in, but sadly everything else was dry, so I had to eat my brioche on its own.
The brioche itself were very soft and fluffy though. It was nice :)
I guess the only component that made up for the dish were the mushrooms (you can’t go wrong with mushrooms), and the flavour of the dish.
Whilst paying for our bill, we did give the staff feedback about the baked eggs, and they said they would pass the feedback onto the chef. So hopefully they will have it perfect next time :) I have to say I do love the presentation of the food here at Prospect Espresso though :)

Next up was Reggie’s dish. Reggie ordered the summer fruit salad with coconut biscuits. However when her dish first arrived it definitely was not the fruit salad but a board of fruit toast. We sat there looking confused and then told the waiter who then apologised and brought out Reggie’s dish shortly after.

When Reggie’s dish did come out it did look amazing. Super colourful! I didn’t try Reggie’s dish, but from what Reggie described the dish it sounded amazing :)
Reggie described the yoghurt to be very foamy that when it touches her tongue the yoghurt would immediately melted on her tongue, so much that she couldn’t tell what the flavour the yoghurt was. It was a very delicate pink colour though – perhaps strawberry? no idea.
As for the coconut biscuits, Reggie said they were good and had a coconutty taste to it. Little Ellie grabbed a piece and started dunking it into her butter! hahaha.

Overall experience? As you can see from my review above it was a disappointing experience. The service is probably best described as ‘forgetful’, but the staff were very polite, not pushy, friendly and apologetic for their mistakes.
In terms of food, the presentation is great. I love the wooden boards, I love Reggie’s fruit salad presentation. However I was very disappointed with my overcooked baked eggs :(
Hopefully with the feedback that we’ve passed on, it will be much better :)


  1. Aww what a shame but from the photo, the chef should have seen that the eggs didn’t look right! I copped a bad brunch where all the poached eggs and soft boiled eggs were overcooked… I think from now on, I’ll just send it back!

    • Catherine,
      I know! I was commenting with Reggie why the chef even decided to bring that out! It did take a while for our dishes to come too. Maybe they didn’t want to re-do it again? >.< Yeah from now on I think I'll send mine back as well. Love, Peach

  2. Shame about the baked eggs…. But looks like a lovely place. Usually a bad experience will put me off going to that place for a long time though.

    • Hey there Kelly :D
      Yeah, it’s a real shame about the baked eggs, but you’re right the place is nice and cosy. Plus the staff are friendly.

  3. Man, I hate it when places serve their baked eggs even though they know it is overcooked. Wish they took more notice to such details! Although like you, I think the presentation looks really good and pretty! Love the wooden boards! I would probably head there for the banana bread, cause I am addicted to them. hehe Not sure if I will go all the way to get banana bread though. mmm. Lovely photos once again! x

    • Lianne,
      LOL, I think that’s a far trek to go get banana bread. I can guarantee you that there are other places that can do banana breads just as well :P
      But yes, a shame with the overcooked eggs though :(
      And thank you, I’m glad you love the photos! :D


  4. OMG Ellie is the cutest little girl ever!!! :D I have a LOT of nieces and nephews…even my friends have kids so I see this happen often….:/ can’t say I approve and I have no idea what I was like as a kid…:P
    I was meant to come to this cafe with Daisy, but I had to cancel. :( Looks nice though!

    • Jenny!
      Hahaha, yes Ellie is the cutest little princess ever.
      We went to Cacao for yoghurt afterwards and she wanted me to give her a piggy back. I said oh no.. I cant, your dress is covered in yoghurt. And straight away she wanted to take her dress off.
      hahaha Love her to bits!
      Yeah, it’s a nice cafe, but not sure about the food though D:

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