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Part 2: Koala Conservation Centre + Purple Hen Vineyard & Winery

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Koala Conservation Centre

Address: 1790 Phillip Island Road, Cowes 3922
Phone: 03 5951 2800
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Instagram: N/A

Following our e-bike ride around Rhyll Inlet, we travelled over to the Koala Conservation Centre.
The Koala Conservation Centre is a dedicated centre for visitors to see koalas up close in their natural habitat. I really love the set up of the conservation centre as you get to explore it via the tree-top boardwalks and the trails through the Australian bush lands.
There’s also other wildlife – wallabies, echidnas, colourful native birds and also snakes!


 Koala Sexy back?!


 So cute! Look at how fluffy and big its nose is! 


Sleepy Sleepy!




Why are there so many people looking at me?!


Eucalyptus! nomnom




Preparing to jump!

Great activity for the family to try! Who could ever resist our cute native creature?! :) Great for tourist, but also for us locals too!

Purple Hen Vineyard & Winery

Address: 96 McFees Road, Rhyll
Phone: 03 5956 9244
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Purple Hen Winery on Urbanspoon
Following our visit to the Koala Conservation Centre, we drove over to the Purple Hen Vineyard & Winery to check out a family owned and operated winery that produces premium cool climate wines.

Purple Hen Vineyard & Winery started back in 2001 by Rick Lacey and Maira Vitols. The vineyard is 32 hectares in size, and they started planting of vines in January 2002. By 2005, they established an on-site winery and opened they cellar door in Easter 2006.

When we arrived at Purple Hen Vineyard and Winery, I introduced myself to Maira who then showed me their variety of wines. They stock a variety of wines and have won over 100 medals and 20 trophies at wine shows in Australia.
As I’m a white wine type of girl, I asked Maira to show me some of their best white wines. The wines that was introduced to me were: 2013 Riesling, 2013 Sauvignon Blanc and 2013 Viognier.

The 2013 Riesling was my favourite out of the three – it has a semi sweet palate, with delicate notes of citrus and musk.
The 2013 Sauvignon Blanc was my second favourite, with notes of stone fruit, passionfruit and lantana. It has a crisp clean taste.
The 2013 Viognier was an interesting wine to try – highly perfumed with notes of apricot and musk.


For lunch, I settled for a glass of 2013 Riesling and shared a Purple Hen Platter and Cheese Platter with Hashem.


Gorgeous view with delicious nibbles!

One of the highlights of my trip was to be able to indulge on such a delicious spread of cheese! One of my favourite indulgence is to eat great cheese with crackers!
The Tarago River brie cheese was so soft and creamy – and went extremely well with the crackers.
Three – four years ago, I hated blue cheese – the smell was foul and it made me scrunch up my face. But now, I’m a lover of blue cheese – I think I fell in love with blue cheese from the day I had it at Guy Grossi’s Merchant!
Here the Tarago River Shadows of Blue, is a soft creamy blue vein cheese that went well with the almonds and dried figs! Great match!
As for the Maffra Farm House Cheddar it was has a slightly sharp taste and was great on its own.


Usually, I don’t eat olives as I find them too salty, but here the olives were marinated perfectly and was not too salty.
I must admit, I didn’t eat much of the marinated feta as I was happily eating away the cheese from the cheese platter.
Now, the platter of cherry tomatoes, chargrilled veggies and dolmades were amazing! Really loved the charred flavour of the veggies, the freshness of the plump cherry tomatoes and the dolmades! mmm….


If you’re a lover of wine and cheese, this place is a must visit. They have benches outside where you can sit, relax and enjoy the great views that it has to offer. Definitely give this place a visit as it’s not a long drive from the Koala Conservation Centre!

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration piece by Peach, Media Moguls and Destination Phillip Island. All opinions and views on views on are honest and purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the product.

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