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Part 1: Porter Republic & Island E-Bike Hire

Firstly, welcome to my very special 3 part feature /mini series – Peach goes to Phillip Island.

The last time I visited Phillip Island was about a year ago when a friend flew over from America. The trip was unplanned, and we didn’t get much of a chance to explore Phillip Island.
Back in December 2013, during dinner at Nobu, I had the pleasure of sitting next to the very lovely Tina from Media Moguls. Through our chats we discussed about the possibility of collaborating together with her client Destination Phillip Island to help promote Phillip Island and bring this special feature to all my lovely readers here at

After months of communication and planning, Tina came up with a special itinerary designed for this blog. The itinerary consists of me visiting some of the great foodie destinations in Phillip Island as well as other activities around the island.

I hope you all enjoy this special feature, and may this blog post help any one who is planning on visiting Phillip Island in the near future :)

So here’s the map of Phillip Island. I have included markers on this map to show the locations featured in Part 1 of this Special Feature.


So, on Saturday 22nd of March, I woke up at some ungodly hour of the morning (From memory 5am) to drive over to Hashem’s place, before driving off to Phillip Island.
Just before we arrived at San Remo, we came across this gorgeous scenery of the sun rising above the hills and fluffy clouds. Stunning.


After driving for almost 1.5 hours, we stopped at Porter Republic to have breakfast.

Porter Republic

Address: 117 Marine Parade, San Remo, VIC 3925
Phone: 03 5678 5524
Twitter: @hiporter
Facebook: here
Instagram: here

Porter Republic on Urbanspoon

Porter Repubic is a brand new cafe located in San Remo, just before the bridge to Phillip Island.  It is a kid friendly cafe that serves espresso, tea, juice and an amazing spread of food.
To start off with, both Hashem and I had a Flat White. We would have been crazy not to have coffee considering how early we woke up! Here at Porter Republic that serve Supreme Coffee. The liquid gold was served in beautiful yellow porcelain, and felt so soothing to have a hot cup of coffee in my body as it was very windy and cloudy!


For breakfast, I went for their Breaky Trifle, which was consists of Grace Arabic date granola, Gippsland vanilla bean yoghurt and stewed apple & Fard’s rhubarb. It’s topped with freshly sliced granny smith apple and a glass bottle of milk.
Although it was served with a bottle of milk, I felt the Gippsland vanilla bean yoghurt and stewed apple and rhubarb was moist enough to eat with the Grace Arabic date granola. It didn’t feel dry at all. The Grace Arabic date granola was lightly spiced and toasted. The creamy and sweet Gippsland vanilla bean yoghurt together with the tart tasting stewed apple & rhubarb complemented the granola really well.

Hashem on the other hand had the Royale which consists of Chimchurri potatoes, 2 poached eggs, smoked salmon and zesty lemon yoghurt. Had I not chosen my breaky trifle, I definitely would have chosen this dish.
If I remember correctly, Hashem said the Chimchurri potatoes were beautifully fried and was slightly spicy in taste. I can’t comment much further, as I did not have the dish, but Hashem seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly.


Not only does Porter Republic serve coffee and food, they also sell a range of goods including candles, jewellery and other pieces of hand crafted items.
Definitely a recommended place to visit – the place is spacious, kids friendly and the owner Courtney is lovely :)

After our breakfast, we headed over the bridge and drove to the visitors’ centre to grab our map. The Visitors’ centre is located at 895 Phillip Island, Newhaven 3925. Phone number is: 1300 366 422.

After we grabbed our map, we drove over to Cowes where we went to pick up our Electric Bike.

Island E-Bike Hire

Address: 142 Thompson Ave, Cowes, 3922
Phone: 0457 281 965
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Instagram: N/A

When we arrived at Island E-Bike Hire, we were greeted by the lovely business owner Ian Corser where he then showed us his range of electric bikes for hire and gave us tips on where to cycle in Phillip Island.
Sadly, on the day which we visited Phillip Island, it was rainy, slightly dark and very cloudy. Just before we rode off, it started to rain, so we decided to hold off until the rain settled.

Now… I have a confession to make. I haven’t rode a bicycle for over 10 years. So you can imagine what it was like to jump onto a bike, let alone an electric bike! So what is an electric bike? An electric bike is pretty much a bike that is electric powered so that you don’t have to pedal as hard and allows you to enjoy the riding experience more.


Me and Ian having a chat about the electric bikes. Ian provided me with an awesome teal backpack to keep my valuables in!


After we took off, we found ourselves having to stop at a bus stop as the rain was getting a little heavy; and I needed a rest as I wasn’t feeling over confident with the bike. Once it settled, we continued to ride. I slowly got the hang of riding the bike, until I reached a huge slope mid way through our travel to Rhyll’s Inlet. Needless to say, I was going down the slope so fast that I lost control and fell onto the ground! Oh dear! I ended up getting cuts, massive bruises (still have a dark bruise on my leg as I write! Mid April now), and a bleeding hand. We were in the middle of nowhere, and we were running late for our next activity, so I had no choice but to get up and ride back to where we hired the Island Bike Hire.


The beautiful scenery at a location just before Rhylls’ Inlet.

When we arrived back, we heard from one of the workers / friend of Ian, that Ian had gone to look for us as he was worried about the poor weather condition! So we decided to wait before Ian got back.
When Ian got back I showed him my little accident, he hugged me and was VERY kind enough to help clean my wounds and bandage me up! I have to say, I was his first and only customer that had an accident, and the first person to use his first aid kit LOL… and no, I don’t feel all too proud! LOL, but Ian was such a lovely gentleman to look after my wounds! Thank you so much Ian, if you are reading this! :)

If you do visit Phillip Island, I would highly recommend that you hire an electric bike as it really allows you to explore parts of Phillip Island through bike tracks. I do however recommend everyone to wear appropriate clothing and dress warmly! I made the mistake of rocking up in shorts. LOL

So that concludes Part 1. I will be posting Part 2 of the Phillip Island trip, hopefully tomorrow! Part 2, will consists of the Koala Conservation Centre and Purple Hen Winery!

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration piece by Peach, Media Moguls and Destination Phillip Island. All opinions and views on views on are honest and purely based on my own experiences and how I feel about the product.

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