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Pepper Lunch


Pepper Lunch

Address: 309-311 Elizabeth St Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9078 6388
Website: here
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Nat

Visited: January 7th 2013
During my Sydney trip in 2013, I came across this über cool Japanese franchise.
Since then I’ve been lemming for this place to open up in Melbourne, finally, they opened up their first store in Melbourne! \O/ YAY!
So on my first day of my annual leave I met up with Nat to have Pepper Lunch.

So what exactly is Pepper Lunch? Pepper Lunch is a fast food franchise from Japan. At Pepper Lunch they use an unique iron dish that generates heat to sear the meat in the dish. The iron dish can heat up to 260 degrees within 1 minute, and can last for up to 15 minutes.
The food will come over to your table shortly after you order at the counter, and then the waiter/waitress will tell you to start mixing your dish!

Both Nat and I chose our dish from Pepper Rice – Flavours of Japan section. There are many varieties to choose from including a dishes with just steak! YUM.
You can pay an extra $2.50 for soft drink or miso soup.

1. Pepper Rice – Curry Beef w/ soft drink:
Nat ordered this dish. A very fragrant dish. The curry is nothing like the sweetish Japanese curry that you would have at most Japanese joints. The curry here is actually very strong in curry flavour. The beef is juicy and tender.
2. Pepper Rice – Salmon w/ miso soup:
I ordered this dish. The salmon pieces came slightly raw and in bite size pieces. Once the mixing and cooking process finished the salmon pieces were seared golden brown, and slightly crisp. The corn kernels were plump and juicy, and the rice was coated with a nice peppery sauce.


Curry Beef



– Fast and efficient service;
– Many choices available and cheap; and
– Eat with care! The dishes are super hot, and the food comes piping hot!


    • Heya Sophie!

      Yup – It’s indeed a great place! Now that it’s in Melbourne I’ll definitely be visiting it a lot more often!!!


  1. Hi Peach, (just subscribed to your blog) thanks for writing this, I’ve gone past this place a fair few times late at night and wanting to peek in, sounds delicious- must give it a go.

    • Hi Ying,

      Thanks for subscribing, much appreciated :)
      Yes, you definitely need to go and check out this place! It’s so super quick and yummy!

  2. Haha I’ve been curious about this place but didn’t have the guts to try it (it does have fast food written all over it), but that salmon rice does look delicious; think I might go try it now! :)

    • Hello Twinnie :P

      Haha, yes you definitely need to go and try it! Whilst it’s fast food, it’s definitely not! Healthy and delish!


  3. Pinkfinity says

    Ooh looks good!!! Do you recommend this as a good work lunch break place, like how fast does the food come out?

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