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PAX AUS 2013 – Day 2 – The Premises & Warra Warra


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After day one, I wasn’t planning on making a second visit to PAX, but then having purchased a three day pass I decided to go and attend the Microsoft XBOX One and Nintendo seminar.

As planned, Andrew and I met up for breakfast at The Premises before heading to PAX together.

Earlier in the year, one of my team managers was telling me about The premises and how often he frequented the place but never found the opportunity to make it to Kensington for brekkie. I also found out one of my favourite barista works there part time! Shoutout to Sheena! *waves*

The Premises

Address: 202 Bellair St, Kensington, VIC 3031
Phone: (03) 9376 7565
Twitter: @thepremises
Facebook: here
The Premises on Urbanspoon
Foodie Partner: Andrew

It was yet another wet, rainy Melbourne day, and when we arrived at The Premises, the place was already packed and we had to place our names on the waiting list.

After about 15-20 minute wait we were finally seated at the back in a rather tight area, but nevertheless a table is a table and we were short on time as we wanted to get to the Show Grounds for the XBOX seminar.

To start off with, Andrew and I ordered our coffee. Andrew ordered a long black, whilst I ordered my usual flat white.

The Premises’ house blend is one of my favourites – Seven Seeds. The Seven Seeds blend is bold and chocolatey with candied berry notes. I always love the smooth taste of my coffee when I drink Seven Seeds blend.


As for our dishes, Andrew ordered a slow roasted pulled pork with Nana Kath’s pickled turnip, remoulade & spiced yoghurt, whilst I ordered the Apple Crumble French Toast with baked apple, cinnamon nut crumble, and vanilla mascarpone.

Andrew’s dish was served on a long wooden plank. It’s a nice rustic touch, but given the tight space, it made it rather difficult for Andrew to eat.
Having said that, the slow roasted pull pork was very tender and went well with the rocket leaves and pickled beetroots. I did find the remoulade to be a bit bland in taste.


As for my own dish, the heavenly Apple Crumble French Toast with baked apple, cinnamon nut crumble and vanilla mascarpone was an amazing dish. I loved how eggy my French Toast was, and not to mention the beautiful crunch and texture that the cinnamon nut crumble added to the French Toast. The baked apple was baked well, and still had a bit of a bite to it and the creamy vanilla mascarpone brought the whole dish together. Yum!

It’s not an overly sweet dish, and definitely worth a try if you’re to visit The Premises! Highly recommended.


It continued to rain after we had breakfast, but we manage to escape and catch the train + tram to the Show Grounds.
Once we arrived, we decided to part ways to check out the expo at our own pace and to meet up for the XBOX One showcase afterwards.

So I decided to walk around the expo again, and that day, I saw a lot more cosplay happening.


On that day, I also managed to catch up with a friend of mine James who I haven’t seen for 9 years! Yes! 9 years. (I think he snobbed me for 9 years tbh) So, I walked over to the table top area and met up with him.

Okay a big shout out for my friend James, he’s a band manager of a Melbourne band C-Town and they do live performances for events, so if you ever need anyone check them out here.

Anyway, we ended up sitting there chatting for a while whilst he obsessed over his Nintendo street pass, before we eventually met up with Andrew again to watch the XBOX One presentation, followed by the Nintendo presentation.

Whilst I have never been a fan of XBOX, I found the presentation to be quite informative – they talked about the new features and also showed us a number of trailers including Battlefield 4. Afterwards we lined up to see Nintendo.

To be honest, all three of us were pretty disappointed with the Nintendo presentation. It turned out to be a presentation on just Animals Crossing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Animals Crossing, but I was actually expecting them to showcase other games as per the handbook and also found the building pillars obstructing the view of the screen, and the entirety of the presentation was in Japanese. I’ve studied Japanese for over 9 years, and still struggled to keep up.

After the presentations, the three of us decided to walk around the table top games sections for a bit before calling it a day. I was getting hungry and wanted to head back to the CBD for dinner. Thanks James for driving us back into the city! :)

Warra Warra

Address: Shop 19 & 20, 235-251 Bourke St, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9662 2077
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: here
Warra Warra on Urbanspoon
Foodie Partner: Andrew & James

When we arrived, the place was quite packed so we decided to sit outside. Although it was really cold outside, they had outdoor heaters which made it bearable.

To start off with, we ordered our drinks and was given two bowls of complimentary sunflower seeds and mixed nuts to nibble on whilst we waited for our food to arrive. Which is different to other Korean places where they offer kimchi and other banchans.


Other than our mains, we decided to order a kimchi pancake to share. The kimchi pancake comes with dipping sauce. The kimchi pancake was fried until slightly crispy on the outside and moist inside. The pancake was okay, but I felt that it lacked the flavour – lacking the sour taste of the kimchi. I know there are other places in Melbourne CBD that does it better.


Andrew ordered their Spicy Pork Bulgogi set, which is stir fried thinly sliced pork belly in chilli sauce served with rice and salad. I tried a bit of Andrew’s bulgogi and found it to be mildly spicy, but not enough to make your mouth burning. I like the overall presentation of the dish.


James ordered the Beef Bibimbap, which is a sizzling stone pot that comes with assorted vegetables (spinach, bean sprouts, carrots etc), eggs and thinly sliced beef in sweet soy sauce. I didn’t try so I can’t really comment on it.


As for myself, as I was feeling really cold so I decided to settle for the seafood mix tofu stew. I found it to be rather disappointing as there was only 2 very small prawns, a mussel and no other seafood. Had I have known, I probably would have settled with the kimchi stew. Nevertheless, the rice mixed with the seafood stew was rather comforting for the cold weather.


Overall, the service was attentive and a great selection of food, however I have visited better Korean restaurants.

And THAT pretty much ends my PAX AUS 2013 coverage. Although I purchased a three day pass, I ended up going two days and giving my pass away to Andrew so that he could give it away to his housemate. Personally I don’t think there’s enough content to justify visiting three days in a row. If I was to attend again next year, I’ll definitely go for a one day pass. It’s hard to tell given the schedule was released way after the tickets were mailed out.
I think they did quite well for their first year here in PAX AUS and I hope they can find a way of accommodating a lot more people for the presentations, as there were a few presentations I missed out because they couldn’t fit anymore people in.


Week 2 Prize Give Away

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, there will be three weeks of prize give away to celebrate my blog’s 2nd birthday. Well, week 1 Prize Give Away was won by Manda Panda, and now is your chance to win week 2’s prize give away.

Those who follow me on instagram (@peachwater) will know that my second home in the city besides my office is A Little Bird Told Me – I pretty much go there on a regular basis to have my coffee and the occasional pastry and I go there so often that the baristas there know me by my first name and I rarely need to tell them what I want, I just hand them my money. JUST TAKE MY MONEY! lol.

Since I love the place so much, I bought 2 x $10 vouchers from A Little Bird Told Me to give away to one of my readers plus friend. With the $10 voucher you can grab yourself a beautiful cup of coffee made with Seven Seeds Coffee blend and a delicious pastry.

How to win? Easy – Just comment below and tell me where your favourite cafe is and how you have your coffee (Flat white? Latte?)

1. One entry per person;
2. Opened to Melbourne readers only (Sorry!);
3. Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash;
4. Other conditions may apply to vouchers, please ask A Little Bird Told Me. Any issues please let me know and I’ll see if I can help you :)
5. Competition closes on Monday 2nd of September 10PM





  1. Havovi says

    I love Miss Marie in Rosanna – the food and coffee is always delightful. Love their flat whites :)

  2. Diana says

    I have so many favourite cafes but if I have to narrow it down to one, it would be Nshry for the food and the chai latte (hey! it has caffeine okay)
    oh… I love 20 and 6 Espresso too! Chai latte in their gorgeous cups!

  3. Vivian says

    Coffee is essential to me, one cuppa a day at least. My fav is Baba Brother Budan!!! BTW, your blog is great, love all those yummy photos!!!!

  4. Jikaido says

    Been loving the Merchants Guild lately… strong cap w/ 2 sugars + their muffins are delicious!

  5. Veronica says

    Anything by Padre for me. To be honest, I love a soy latte – not that I can’t drink normal milk, I just really like the nutty taste of soy.

  6. I love A Little Bird Told Me too :D
    My favourite near home would have to be Snow Pony. Always a soy latte wherever I go :)

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