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Pappa Rich

Chicken Congee with Steamed chicken

 Pappa Rich

Address: 92-94 Kingsway, Glen Waverley 3150
Phone: 03 9560 0968
Website: here
Twitter: @PappaRichAus
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Brad

Date visited: 5th January 2013
I used to frequent Glen Waverley a lot when I used to work in Burwood, but nowadays I would visit once every so often. I remembered the first time when I first visited Glen Waverley I visited Star Cafe, but it has since closed down and is now Pappa Rich, a Malaysian franchise.

Once you’re seated you’ll be presented with a menu, and on the table you will find a ordering pad where you write down your preferences and also a bell system so that you can get the attention of one of the waiters/waitresses.

ordering sheet

There’s so many options available that choosing your drink seems rather overwhelming! Brad was intrigued by all the different Asian drinks including the milo dinosaur!
1. Bandung with Grass Jelly: Brad chose this drink. It’s a rose syrup flavoured drink, with grass jelly (herbal jelly) in it. The first time I had Bandung was when I visited Malaysia last year.
2. Lychee with Grass Jelly: This drink came in a super large mug, and it’s a refreshing drink. Lightly sweetened with a tangy taste to it, and it also has lychee added to it :)


lychee with grass jelly

1. Chicken Congee with Steamed Chicken: Congee is my all time comfort food and something I enjoy eating. The congee here doesn’t have a strong chicken taste, but tasted as though it was seasoned with salt only. I didn’t really enjoy the congee as much, as there wasn’t much flavour to it and was rather luke warm. The steamed chicken included in this dish was great. The chicken pieces are moist and tender and flavoured with a sweet soy sauce.
2. Oriental Chicken Chop: This dish wasn’t appealing to me with it’s weird addition of peas, corn and carrot pieces. I don’t see how it’s oriental, but to Brad he enjoyed it!

Chicken Congee with Steamed chicken

chicken chop

– There’s always a queue outside Pappa Rich so be prepared to wait.
– Fast and efficient service;
– Many choices available and cheap;

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  1. love the Steamed Chicken from pappa rich never disappoints! The chicken chop looks very fusion interesting!

    • Julie!! <3
      Steam chicken is always a winner. Cant really go wrong with steamed chicken TBH.

      Hahaha, the chicken chop looked really weird for me..I dont think I could ever order it myself o.O


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