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Mr Burch

Eggs benedict - poach eggs and ham

Address: 129 McKinnon road
McKinnon, 3204
Phone: (03) 9503 4312
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Been working tirelessly over the past two weeks after work every night to meet deadlines and as a result, I’ve been missing out on my meals ( I know quite bad!).
So on Sunday morning I was extremely hungry so I decided to rock up at Mr Burch around 10am so that I could have brunch and relax before presenting. When I arrived it was already quite packed, and lots of people going in and out to get their coffee fix.

As I do martial arts down in McKinnon, it means I will be going there every fortnight, meaning more chances to try out their menu! Yay :)

*note: Have recently purchased a new point and shoot camera, which means I can now take photos for unexpected food adventures without lugging a huge camera around with me everywhere.. Please ensure that I all continue to upload high quality photos!
So, please  comment below on what you think of the photos! The previous photos were taken with my Canon DSLR.

– Hot Chocolate
This hot chocolate has a rich taste to it, and nothing like Gloria Jeans hot chocolate! What I do like about this drink is their marshmellow! Oh goodness, I don’t know whether they make it themselves or what, but it has a floury coating outside of it, and made it taste that much better! :D

Hot chocolate

– Eggs Benedict with poached eggs and ham

I ordered their Eggs Benedict – Ham & Poach eggs to start off with. The brioche was soft and fluffy, and the oozing yolk from breaking the poached eggs made it really delicious. The only thing I can say negatively about the dish is that the chef may have been slightly heavy handed, as i could taste the vinegar used to poach the eggs. Other than that it was really good.

– Flourless orange cupcake

Whilst ordering my brunch I saw a glass display filled with all these yummy cupcakes/slices etc. I asked the guy at the counter what he would recommend, and he said the flour less orange cupcake, and boy was he right!
It was so moist and had the right amount of orange flavour to it, that it made me want to have another one! Luckily I was able to resist, and settled down for hot chocolate whilst waiting for my client.

Eggs benedict -  poached eggs and ham

Flourless orange cupcake


  1. Pinkfinity says

    Always wanted to try “flourless” cake, (although I probably have but never noticed and thought to compare) do you reckon it taste better than the flour cakes?

    Was actually going to ask you if u wanted to brunch that morning, but thought it would be too last minute. Bad enough I ended up going to 7-eleven and getting 2x Creme Egg Twisted bars and mentos and a donut, although I enjoyed it, brunch would of been sooooo much better for my bodys needs haha

    • @pinkfinity: OH.. I actually had to meet a client and also do martial arts, so chances are I would have said none.
      HOWEVER, I would love to arrange a brunch meet up sometime soon. I’m free this Sunday, next weekend (nothing planned as yet)

      Still have to get through my good cafe guide. heaps of great brunch places avail!

    • @pinkfinity: I think a flourless cake… taste like a normal cake to be honest. Still very moist.. I cant even tell the difference? Or maybe I just dont eat enough cakes?

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