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Peach Water’s Burger Adventure: Part 1 – The Merrywell

Address:  Clarendon Street & Crown Riverside, South Bank
03 9292 7468
Website: here
Facebook: here
Twitter: @themerrywell
Cuisine: burger bar
Price: $$
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm
The Merrywell on Urbanspoon
Foodie Partner: Marlon

So you’ve all read my blog entries on gourmet hot dogs, and now I think it’s only right for me to start a burger adventure! So please join me on my “Peach-Water’s Burger Adventure.”

In part 1 of my burger adventure I’m joined by one of my good friend, Marlon, my fake vegetarian friend (See: Youtube Video),where we try out a new burger venue in Southbank.

Two American Chefs: SAMMY ‘D-MAN’ DE MARCO and GRANT ‘G-MAC’ MACPHERSON have recently opened a Gastro Pub ‘The Merrywell’ down at Southbank. Upstairs is a restaurant serving classier food, whereas downstairs is the burger bar.

What I love about The Merrywell, is it looks very retro.

First off, we both ordered a drink each, and I must say the drinks look very fitting for The Merrywell’s whole look.
What did surprise me is the use of “bubble tea straws” rather than the conventional thin straw.

Marlon ordered The Merrywell spider, which is root beer + vanilla ice cream (You can add vodka for extra $5). Marlon didn’t particularly enjoy it. I had a try of it,and I must say I actually enjoyed it as it tasted very much like sarsaparilla! Yum, I love sarsaparilla!

I have no idea why I chose the cherry coke float because I’ve never liked cherry coke to begin with, however it did taste ok.

Marlon and I ordered a burger each and a side of onion rings to share.

I ordered The Merrywell which has lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, tomato, special sauce, bacon, fries.
The beef patty was tender and moist, whilst the bacon did add extra taste to the burger. Of course I believe that a burger is not a burger without pickles! I love my pickles! The onions were lightly fried. Of course I have no idea what’s inside the special sauce, but I really couldn’t tell whether it was special sauce or tomato sauce to be honest. It’s not a bad burger, but I feel that it wasn’t anything entirely special. I guess the only problem with the burger is that it was too big to fit into my mouth (which is the usual case with most gourmet burger joints) and I had no way of eating it in a less messy way! (I don’t like being a messy eater).
Marlon who declares himself being a vegetarian, although I highly disbelieve, ordered the Veggie Boom, which is Flaffel burger, pumpkin pesto, hummus and feta. When his Veggie Boom  arrived, I felt it looked pretty dry and not so very appealing, however Marlon said that it’s an enjoyable veggie burger and the patty tastes like flaffel. Why yes my dear friend, it’s because it’s a flaffel burger LOL.
I guess, you really cant judge a burger by its look~!

As for the onion rings, I love them! The batter was light and the onion rings were fried until very crisp and crunchy. The onions are very soft and it’s probably the best onion rings I’ve had.

I really like the fittings and the design of The Merrywell, however I do find the burgers to be quite pricey considering the ingredients used in the burger. However considering the location of The Merrywell, the price is justified. If you do decide to visit The Merrywell, do try the onion rings. There are other options you may want to try including their sandwiches. It’s definitely has a trendy atmosphere.


  1. burgers! cant get enough of them! if luck permits, think im going for huxtaburger tmr night! (: hehe i have to say those floats and onion rings look good though! pity the burgers didnt have the wow-factor! I’m sure you had much more burgers to come in your adventure! (:

    • Yeah the floats looks really cool! I dunno about the cream though, I kept thinking about all the fat I was inducing for the day and whether I would get a premature heart attack haha.
      But yes, the onion rings were amazing :D

      Peach Water

  2. OHHH Merrywell! I thought we were going together :P but it’s ok I forgive you ~ and will have to take Mr Bao there soon ~

    He’s been bugging me about getting burgers lol it’s so funny he said he’s getting slightly sick of brunches and wants greasy burgers hahahaa he’s such a funny one how can anyone get sick of brunch food duh…

    Can’t wait to go :) and please include me in some of your burger adventures!

    • Hey Daisy!

      Awww im so sorry :( It’s just that I haven’t seen my friend for a long time!

      ;___; and don’t worry I’ve been told the best place to go is actually huxtaburger, so you may join me :D

      Hahaha, and yeah take Mr Bao with you!

      Peach Water

  3. pinkfinity says

    As I’m not usually a burger fan, im interested in seeing your burger reviews so I can try the best burger in Melbourne, but love those kind of places that have that kind of retro atmosphere, although some places go overboard with the American references. Is it similar to Misty Diner or Soda Rock Diner?

    • Hey Pinkfinity:

      I haven’t been to Misty Diner or Soda Rock Dinner to comment, but it’s a very retro looking one that you see in American movies! haha
      You have to join me in one of my burger adventures ok?

      Peach Water

  4. That’s a surprise, hearing that the burgers were nothing special; I’ve been looking forward to visiting because the burger adventure rated it so well. And I agree! It’s not a burger without pickles, and preferably lots and lots of mustard! Onion rings look great, I’ll definitely be ordering them!

    • Hey Ming,

      Yeah I didn’t find the burger to be like WOAH i need to order again, but I’ve eaten too many burgers in my life time that I really need something super outstanding to consider it to be special :(
      But yes! I love my pickles and you HAVE to get the onions :D Looking forward to your review when you visit!

      Peach Water

  5. Sheryl says

    OMG I love cherry coke and that float looks amaze!!! I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time the food looks delish.

    • Sheryl :D
      Hi! How are you? Hope you’ve been well!
      Yeah – if you love cherry coke make sure you get it at Merrywell!

      Will you be selling soda coke on a regular basis at your store? :)


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