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Melbourne Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ (大長今)

Address: 235 Little Bourke St, Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 03 9662 9445
Website: N/A
Facebook: N/A
Cuisine: BBQ, Korean, Asian
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Foodie Partners: Mioh, Jai, Warren, Robyn, Kat, Daniel

After an amazing lunch at Persimmon, I had a team dinner to attend that night. As a reward for meeting our targets, my lovely team leader Mioh took the whole team out to dinner! (Thank you Mioh! <3)
After considering all the different options in the CBD, we decided to go with Jai’s recommendation at Melbourne Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ.
Now, if you are a Korean drama buff like me, you’d know that Dae Jang Geum was a smash hit Korean drama back in 2003. An epic historical drama starring Lee Young Ae. The drama spanned for about 54 eps, and it was about Korean Royal Court Cuisine, Medicine and culture. And since that smash hit drama, Dae Jang Geum restaurants started sprouting around Melbourne in the Korean populated suburbs.

It’s not my first time visiting this restaurant; I visited this place back 3-4 years ago for lunch. My memory of the restaurant was that I felt the lunch was alright, but not to the standard where I would rave on like I would with Guhng 

Prior to going to Dae Jang Geum Korean BBQ for dinner, Mioh and I went to Roof Top Bar for some Friday Night drinks, and we both had a glass of Rekordelig cider (Raspberry+ Lime, and I had the summer edition: Mango+Raspberry). And because of that I decided not to consume anymore alcohol as I didn’t particularly want a hangover the very next day! So I decided to have a bottle of diet coke instead. Mioh however had a super cool Korean Beer (Hite), which was ‘Clean and Pure!’. Why is it cool? Because when you press your finger onto the little thermostat picture, it actually changes colour!

Hite - with magical label!
Hite – with magical label!

I dont know about everyone, but when I see ‘English’ on products that originated from Asian countries, they always give me the giggles. The photo below is a perfect example: ‘Moist Towelette, Fresh Touch’, which was used to cover the spoon. However, I don’t see any moist towelette anywhere? :(

Fresh Touch!
Fresh Touch!

As always with Korean Restaurants, you are almost guaranteed to get side dishes, and this time was no exception. You get the usual: Kimchi, Bean Sprouts dressed in Sesame Oil and Honey Potatoes, all of which are my favourite side dishes. And just as a side note, I am no fan of bean sprouts, especially raw ones (yes I don’t add bean sprouts to my Vietnamese Pho), but bean sprouts dressed in sesame oil from Korean Restaurants are the only bean sprouts I would only eat.

One thing about the honey potatoes here is that it isn’t as nice as other Korean restaurants, because it was more on the salty side than the sweet side. I prefer it sweet!

Side Dish - Bean Sprouts
Side Dish – Bean Sprouts
Honey Potato
Honey Potato

Whilst we were waiting for the rest to arrive, we ordered a plate of Kimchi Pancake. The pancake was absolutely delicious – it didn’t lack any kimchi flavour and was crispy. I think it was good on its own without having to dip it in soy sauce!

Kimchi Pancake
Kimchi Pancake

This is Mioh’s favourite – Jap Chae. Which is a glass vermicelli noodle dish. It’s not a savoury tasting noodle dish, but a sweet noodle dish. It was my first time trying it, and I actually really enjoyed it! :)

Jap Chae
Jap Chae

That night we ordered a few plates of meats to BBQ, and I think that on its own was enough to feed all of us! We were struggling to finish all the food that night!
Now, the photo below shows a grill plate full of pork rashers, but after grilling it, it turned into what we thought was bacon (minus the bacon taste :P).

Bacon! (Pork Rashers)
Bacon! (Pork Rashers)

nomnomnom. This plate was full of mushrooms (my favourite) and meat. Thank you very much to Kat and Warren for doing a great job in cooking our meats!

Beef and Mushrooms
Beef and Mushrooms

Then, we had this big monster to tackle – The Spicy Sausage kimchi hot pot. Thank you Mioh for letting me pick my favourite dish! I always love eating hot pot with rice. Nomnomnom.
The only thing we were puzzled with was the slice of kraft cheese on top…???? Is this normal? Nevertheless, it was very tasty, but we really struggled to finish it. By the end of the night we still had half a pot left :( Even after consuming a bowl each! >_<

Spicy Sausage Hot pot
Spicy Sausage Hot pot

Although it’s not the best Korean BBQ place, it was the awesome company that I had that night that made it enjoyable. Thank you very much Mioh for taking us out to dinner! :)


  1. Last time I went there with my family we all ordered our own things but just ended up sharing multiple kimchi pancakes. They’re so good.

    • Hello WiseMaknae!!!
      Welcome welcome. Thanks for visiting my site.
      We should totally catchup on kimchi pancake next time and chat about everything. haha

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