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Lux Bite


Address: 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC 
03 9867 5888
Website: www.luxbite.com.au
Facebook: here
Twitter: @LuxBite
Cuisine: Coffee/Desserts/ Icecream/Breakfast
Price: $$
Opening Hours: 
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If there’s anything sweet I love eating, then it would be macarons!
Having heard of Lux Bite for a very long time I’ve been meaning to go there however it’s a bit out of my way to get to South Yarra. However, as I was in South Yarra for my breakfast at 2 Birds 1 Stone, I figured it wouldn’t hurt for me to go for a morning walk around South Yarra :)

As I was running short in time that afternoon (Blog post on Two Birds One Stone plus some gaming in Guild Wars 2 Beta!!! – Yes Avid + Active gamer here!), I decided to take away my macarons (You get nice boxes for taking away ;))

Supersized Macaron:

Endless Love – Rose, Lychee and Raspberry Macaron: A very interesting combination which turns out to be a marvelous explosion of exotic flavours in my mouth. The whole experience of eating it made me float closer to heaven.
The macaron itself was light and chewy – which is what every macaron should be like!
The rose water ganache was the fun part for me. When I chose the Endless love I had absolutely no idea what ingredients were in there, as I chose it primarily on the super bright pinkness of the macaron. So when the ganache hit my taste buds I was wondering whether it was rose water, and turns out I was correct! YAY It’s a very subtle taste in rose water and it was no where near overpowering.

Slap bang in the middle of the macaron is half a piece of Lychee. It’s not the sweetest lychee I’ve had in my life, nor was it the juiciest. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s not a bigger piece though :(
The raspberries in the Endless Love gave it freshness and different level of texture to the macaron. It’s slightly tangy, which helps cut through the sweetness.
Overall the Endless Love is purely a godsend macaron. Super sized so that it satisfies your cravings for macarons but not overly sweet to scare you away. You’ll definitely want to buy this again! :)



Mandarin Jaffa: Like a Jaffa ^_^ A orange flavoured chewy macaron with a thick luscious amount of chocolate flavoured ganache. It’s actually one of my two favourite macarons out of the 4 I purchased!
Sour Strawberry: :( The most disappointing macaron out of the 4. The macaron was crunchy and very biscuit like, and sadly it was sour at all. However the ganache did have bits of real strawberries in it. But having a crunchy macaron shell, it’s a definitely a nono for me :(
Pandan: Hmmm… whilst the macaron was chewy and all, however it really lacked the pandan flavour. I couldn’t taste it at all. It did however have a very very subtle taste in coconut though.
Peanut Butter & Jelly: Mmmmm… I love this macaron! The ganache was very thick and very very crunchy peanut butter like! Once you get to the middle you will find a very inviting strawberry jelly.

Lux Bite is definitely a good place to have macarons, especially for the megasized macarons, however the macarons weren’t all too consistent. My favourite macaron store will always be La Belle Miette though.


    • Hey there Ames,
      :D Yah! The supersized macaron is awesome. I really want to try their other macaron though. I think it’s chocolate flavoured… mmm nomnoms.

      Peach Water

    • Hey there Adrian :D

      Yup – You can never go wrong with PB&J for anything – icecream or macarons. it always tastes good! Coz who doesn’t like peanut butter? :P

      Do you prefer Lux Bite over La Belle Miette?

  1. We did a quite detailed review on LuxBite earlier this year after several visits. Agree with you that their macarons are rather underwhelming, especially considering the hype. The dessert things are better but not by much, it tends to overdose on sugar and food colouring. It’s a pity because Luxbite has such lovely staff and everything looks so pretty and special about it.

  2. Oooh those macarons, if only the endless love was really endless! I love the little tabby text things you did with the macaron photos and how the colours match the maracons

  3. I haven’t been back to LuxBite ever since my friend left as pastry chef…a lot of the flavours have changed!! Must make a mental note to return and check out the new varieties, too bad the pandan one wasn’t as good! I would have loved to try that one…

    • Hey Jenny,
      OHHHH your friend used to work at Lux Bite? Lucky you, you must have received free macarons ;P
      Ahhh, do the flavours look better? I think they have a rotating seasonal menu according to memory.

      yeah, unfortunately my pandan is no good :( Or maybe I just bought the dud one >.< Love, Peach Water

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