heart attack - Brioche, bacon, bananas and maple syrup
Brunch / Breakfast

LE MIEL et la lune

Address: 330 Cardigan St Carlton
Phone: 03 9043 9767
Website: http://www.lemiel.com.au/
Twitter: N/A

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Click here, and tell me how you cannot resist visiting this place? I LOVE bears, so very adorable. Having visited a lot of the breakfast places in CBD I decided to venture out a little bit further out, and used my trusty Urbanspoon to help me decide.
Having just arrived back from Malaysia I was craving for my breakfasts that I had back here in Melbourne, as I was eating pretty much noodles and congee the whole time in Malaysia.

Loved the layout of the cafe, very clean and spacious. The waiter who served me was VERY attentive and also helped me bring over a newspaper when I said I was going to get up and grab myself a paper.
I also liked the fact that he squatted down when he was taking our orders rather than standing up very tall and high. Don’t know it feels less intimidating in my opinion :)

What a beautifully presented cup of hot chocolate!, and even better yet it was a rich but very smooth cup of hot chocolate. Enjoyed it thoroughly :)

I can remember at the time of ordering I had trouble choosing between the dish below and another dish (I cant remember which one now), and I said to the waiter I couldn’t choose. He told me that this dish is great but a very huge portion.
I was feeling pretty hungry so I said yeah, why not – Brioche, bacon, bananas and maple syrup please! And when my dish arrive… my eyes were like O___O (yes – portions are getting ridiculously huge these days at cafes).
Needless to say I had a difficult time finishing this dish. I ended up eating one slice out of the two pieces of brioche that was on the plate, but managed to eat all the bananas, and bacon because it was so good!
The sweetness of the maple syrup and banana together with the saltiness of the bacon are a complete match made in heaven! Absolutely delicious! Love it.

Another cafe highly recommended by Peach – It’s a cute cafe, with exceptional service. They serve Proud Mary coffee, and… hey they have a cute bear on their windows :) Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!