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Kallista Tea Rooms

Kallista Tea Rooms

Address: 103 Monbulk Rd, Kallista, VIC 3791
Phone: 03 9755 2659
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Nick

Poor Nick.
I don’t know whether this poor guy was drunk when he agreed, but he ended up agreeing to pick me up from my house and drive up the mountains “just for fun”, and “because I wanted to hitch a ride in his awesome new car.”
Even after 9 years of my whinging and complaining about everything, he still sticks by me, even though he constantly makes fun of my weirdo magnet ability, mind running faster than a Shinkansen and us having very opposing views with almost everything. I guess that’s what people call a true friend <3

So Nick came over and picked me up in his flash new red GTI car and took us up the mountain for a nice scenic drive before stopping at Kallista Tea Rooms for brunch.
Kallista Tea Rooms has a very homey feel with the option sitting outside or sitting inside either on your normal wooden table or at big comfy couches. Nick and I chose the couches!

When I looked at the menu, I was overwhelmed. They have your organic fair trade coffee – coffee in BIG bowls, and even coffee with the option of adding a shot of whisky! They also have loose leaf tea, juices, smoothies, milkshakes etc. You name it! I didn’t know what to choose, but in the end I chose Lindt Dark Hot Chocolate! It was served in a tall glass, and the hot chocolate was absolutely devine and rich.

Nick on the other hand chose the Lindt Ice Chocolate. He told me enjoyed it :)


Choosing what to eat was almost as bad as choosing our drinks! With so many tempting options I sat there pondering for a while.

1.  KTR Eggs Benedict  - Egg benedict with poached eggs, roast tomato, spinach on english muffin with garlic yoghurt sauce and smoked salmon.
Nick chose this dish after not knowing whether to choose this dish or the burger. I didn’t try his dish but I really liked the presentation of his dish. From what Nick told me, it sounds like he really enjoyed it!

2. Soup of the Day with toasted cheesy herb and garlic beer bread. The soup of the day was a rich tomato based soup with mixed veges and lentils. It was an absolutely amazing soup, and together with their house made toasted cheesy herb and garlic beer bread, I felt all warm inside. I loved the bread – very soft and full of flavours!
Now, the soup of the day does not come with mushrooms or bacons, but I was really craving for mushrooms (Yes, Julie, Catherine and Lianne, I know you girls are probably laughing at my mushroom cravings again >.< “Mushroom fantasies” haha) and I needed some meat. Sadly they didn’t have any sausages that day, so I settled for bacon.

When I went to pay for my meal the lady at the counter said my idea of getting sides with the soup is a brilliant idea *Beams*




1. The staff there are very accommodating and attentive. Not rushing us and answered any questions we had with the menu.
2. The service was slightly slow, and took a while for our dishes to arrive. However it was ok, because we ended up chatting about gaming :)
3. Great place to visit if you’re driving up Mt. Dandenong for a day trip! :)