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Ing Doi Thai Restaurant

Address: 73 Victoria Pde, Collingwood, 3066
Phone: (03) 8415 0161
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Foodie Partners:Katherine C, Katherine L, Ivan, Winarto, Eric, Tristian

After a successful lunch catchup at Taipan, we decided to arrange another catchup/farewell dinner, as a lot of my colleagues work contracts are ending soon, and also my good friend Katherine leaving Melbourne for Christchurch.
As I was organising the dinner I was scratching my head thinking where I should organise the dinner, at a convenient place. In the end I decided on either Korean/Thai cuisine (those who know me well, know that Korean/Thai are my favourite cuisines!). At one point I was deciding on booking a table at Ying Thai 2, but Ivan suggested we try out Ing Doi Thai Restaurant, which is a Thai Buffet. The type of buffet where you order as much as you like from a menu, and it’s cooked to order! SOLD!

There was two simple rules: we are allowed to order as much as we wanted, however any food that was not consumed will be charged a la carte price! And oh boy, did we order heaps, but luckily there was 8 of us to eat up. And yes, we ended up so full we could barely walk out of the door! And the other rule is we must place our last order by 7.30pm (we arrived at 6pm) A good strategy for this place is probably to order a few dishes at once, but not too many as there isn’t much room to put the food!

I highly recommend this place for Thai food lovers, however I must forewarn that you will spend most of your time eating, and will have very little time to chit chat!

Now, I must apologise for the photos in this post, because we ordered so much that I honestly cannot remember every dish’s nam, and I think I spent half my time taking photos than eating!. Anyway, I will try my best to caption them!
I’m not going to review each of the dishes, as they are all well cooked and I don’t have a problem recommending every dish.

Seafood Salad

Fish Balls + Fish Cakes


Battered Fish in hot + sour sauce

Deep fried tofu

Chinese Broccoli + BBQ pork

Fried Rice

Tom Yum!

Fried Chicken Wings

Stir fried calamari

Fried Chicken Wings - Birds eye view

Spicy mince chicken salad

Sizzling plate of seafood and veggies

Satay chicken

Grilled pork

Grilled Beef

Duck salad

Deep fried prawns

Calamari and green apple salad

Grilled Calamari



Banana Fritter + Vanilla Icecream

Glutinous Rice pudding + Vanilla Icecream


    • @miintstiix: All of them are good, but I would recommend the salads specifically. tangy and spicy.
      I know you don’t consume a lot of spicy food, but the tom yum is good :) (quite spicy IMO)

  1. Winnie #2 says

    That banana is tiny…But still looks good -drools- Otherwise, I’m sold at the dessert…..

  2. Pinkfinity says

    OMG I am now SO HUNGRY!! I want to eat every single one of these dishes!!! Was it a huge bill in the end? And I LOVE the colourful icecream pic

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