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Industry Beans


Industry Beans

Address: Unit 3 Cnr Fitzroy & Rose St Fitzroy 3065
Phone: 03 9417 1034
Twitter: @industrybeans
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Deepa

Sometimes, when life gets busy, catching up with old friends may become less and less frequent. Weeks turns into months and months turns into years. Well, for Dee and I, it’s been over a year since we last caught up.
So after a few texts, and a condition that the place caters for prams, we managed to hit up a new cafe in Fitzroy – Industry Beans. A very big warehouse like cafe with lots of room.

Whilst waiting for Dee, I ordered myself Turkish Apple Tea. It comes served in a beautiful glass tea pot, a glass and a timer set at 3 minutes.
After leaving the tea and apple pieces brewing for 3 minutes, I poured the tea into my glass, and took a sip. Sadly, the tea was very bland and had a very subtle taste of apple. :(


Dee on the other hand ordered a mocha, which comes served with a beautiful coffee art. Love it!


Dee ordered the French toast, which comes with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and cold drip coffee maple pearls.
The French toast was very decadent – eggy and moist, and the maple syrup brought the French Toast to the next level. This dish was by far the best dish out of the two.
As for the Cold Drip Coffee Maple Pearls, I cannot comment on it as I didn’t try it, but I thought it was rather interesting to incorporate a coffee element into the dish.


When my favourite blogger @petitmiam_x, mentioned how she thought of me when she saw a mushroom dish on the menu, I knew I had to try. I mean, how can you not like mushrooms right?
When the dish arrived, the first thing I tried was the Wild Mushroom Pate. The dark gelatine on top of the mushroom pate was in fact a coffee flavoured jelly. I must admit it didn’t do too well on my tastebuds.
The savoury and creamy texture of the pate, and the coffee was a very weird pairing and my brain just couldn’t process it.
I knew I was in big trouble as I didn’t like the main element of the dish. After picking on it for a while, Dee suggested I spread the pate on the ciabatta, add some of the enoki mushrooms, watercress and pickled chilli together and try eating it. It made it taste much better and I started enjoying it a lot more.




1. Service was great – Tentative and friendly.
2. Parking is a bit of a problem on weekends.
3. A very spacious place and has heaters to make place nice and warm!
4. Pram friendly!

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