Address: 106 Smith Street, Collingwood VIC
Phone: 03 9417 6328
Website: www.huxtaburger.com.au
Twitter: @Huxtaburger
Facebook: N/A

Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon Foodie Partners: Audrey

Back last year in July 2012, I started my burger adventure at The Merrywell, and since then I haven’t visited another burger joint until recently.
Audrey and I had different plans originally, but at the last minute we decided to go to Huxtaburger.
Whilst waiting for Audrey, I noticed Eddie McGuire having lunch with his two kids!

So what did I order at Huxtaburger? Why, The Huxtaburger of course!
Huxtaburger: Beef pattie, cheese, mayo, pickles, tomato sauce, tomato, mustard and lettuce.

  • Brioche bun: lightly toasted, airy, rather sugary and greasy (A squirt of melted butter before toasting)
  • Beef pattie: well seasoned,  and moist.
  • Tomato and lettuce are very fresh.
  • Pickles: Sadly, it didn’t taste pickled and at first I thought I was eating sliced zucchinis, which is a disappointment because I love my pickles!!!
  • Mustard and mayo are very rich and creamy. Great combination.

Small Crinkle Cut Chips:

The chips were fried crisp, and didn’t have an oily taste which is good.



  • Best burger in town? Nope, but I enjoyed my burger :D
  • Fresh ingredients? Yes.
  • Heart Attack inducing? Of course! Watch them cook thosez burgers!
  • Long wait time? Yes. Expect a 20 min wait.
  • Seats? Limited.