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Grasshopper’s Feast

Address:  Shop 13 The Causeway Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9663 8404
Cuisine: European, Breakfast/Brunch
Opening Hours: 7 days, 8am – 4pm
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Foodie Partner: Zoe, Lachy

Having visited many of the major popular breakfast spots in CBD, I was scratching my head to find a place to have breakfast with Zoe and her partner Lachy.
Finally, my Pokemon Sister @idreaminchoc, who has an awesome food blog, posted her visit to Grasshopper’s Feast so I decided to visit there :)

Need I say more? A creature of habit, I of course ordered hot chocolate whilst waiting for Lachy and Zoe to arrive. Having had a lot of hot chocolate from a large number of brunch places as you can see from my previous blog post, there’s only one type of taste that hits the spot. Unfortunately here the hot chocolate at Grasshopper’s Feast didn’t hit the spot at all :( Having stirred it a lot, I took one sip and it tasted like steamed milk :( with very little taste of chocolate :( *sigh*

Once Zoe and Lachy arrived they both ordered their Latte. I comment on this because I never asked how it tasted LOL.

Now, I firstly apologise for the blog post being extremely short but I spent a majority of my time chatting to Lachy and Zoe as Lachy was due to leave to Melbourne for Perth, so I didn’t make any mental notes or asked them how their dishes taste :(
So I will just comment on my own dish which was the terracotta pot.

I love baked eggs! I have to say this Terracotta pot is awesome. The portion is really big with 3 baked eggs, a generous serving of chorizo, wilted spinach and goats cheese. The tomato chutney is very rich in taste. Really loved this dish.
It was perfect for the cold Melbourne weather and really warmed my heart <3


  1. Those baked eggs look fantastic! I think I’ll try making something similar at home this weekend. :)

    • Hey Sarah,

      Thanks for dropping by my food blog :)

      Ohhh, be sure to post up a photo of your baked eggs :D Would love to see! I love baked eggs!

      Peach Water

  2. oh no what a shame about the hot chocolate :(. AHh i love those eggs I must have it soon!

    • Yo Pokemon Sister ;)

      yeah such a shame about the hot chocolate, but the baked eggs are to die for :D

      Peach Water

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