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Gardiner and Field

poached strawberries & rhubarb tortillas

Address: 43 Union St Armadale, VIC 3143
Phone: 03 9078 1125
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: here
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Foodie Partners: Zoe

I was pretty devastated when I found out that my good friend Zoe was moving to Perth, but at the same time I was excited and happy for her because she was pursuing her career and love there.
We made an agreement that whenever she comes down to Melbourne we would go out for a meal together, and that I would definitely visit her when I go to Perth for a visit.

So when Zoe texted me she was coming down to Melbourne for the weekend, we immediately made arrangements to have breakfast together. Now I usually hate waking up early on a weekend, but that weekend I woke up at 7am to make a 1hr+ drive to Armadale to have breakfast with my dearest Zoe! We picked Gardiner and Field as it was close to where Zoe lives and because we’ve already visited Coin Laundry, which is one of the other popular cafes in Armadale.

The moment I stepped into Gardiner and Field I knew I was in for a great time – the staff there are friendly, the cafe has a laid back and casual atmosphere and I liked how they set up of the cafe – there’s a big communual table at the back, normal tables for two and high tables and chairs.

Zoe ordered her usual latte, which was served on a beautiful seafoam green saucer. Very nice :)

For once I chose not to order hot chocolate, but a cold drink – a milkshake!
They have a variety of milkshakes at Gardiner and Field – Malteaser, Bounty, Snickers and Cherry Ripe.
I had a difficult time choosing and was tossing between Malteasers and Snickers milkshake but finally settled for the Snickers milkshake, and it was amazeballs!

One who orders the milkshake should take note, that you need to mix well when you get it as it can be quite tasteless if you don’t mix it! But once you mix it, oh my the flavours come out.
The best bit is when you reach the bottom where you get to eat the pieces of snicker bar! Best milk shake in town I reckon :)

As usual Zoe and I ordea savoury and a sweet dish to share.
The savoury dish which we ordered was the Spiced Quinoa, pumpkin and chickpea fritters with flatbread, spiced yoghurt, coriander and poached eggs. Whilst the dish sounded good on paper, sadly to me this dish lacked some sort of element to bring all the elements of the dish together. The fritters along with the spiced yoghurt tasted great together (a little crumbly), but pairing it up with the flat bread, poached eggs, rocket leaves and coriander wasn’t too favourable for me as it felt too dry.

The next dish was the sweet dish – Baked Rhubarb and Strawberries rolled in French toast tortillas with orange, mint and sprinkle of granola was great! I loved the dish.
For Zoe, she felt the rhubarb was too sweet, however for myself I found it to be quite balance – not too tart and not too sweet. The baked rhubarb and strawberries were a great combination and I loved how they wrapped it up in tortilla – a very unique combination. The granola gave it extra texture to the dish. A very well made dish! Highly recommended.

Overall, I like this cafe – the atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. The staff there are very friendly and helpful and answers any questions you have about the dishes. Whilst the fritters weren’t favourable to me, I loved the milkshake and the baked rhubarb and strawberries tortillas dish. I would certainly revisit just for the milkshake, even if it’s a 1 hour drive for me! (Yes it’s that good!)


  1. Hola! The french toast tortillas (wait, what???) look lovely, nothing like brunch at all, but it must be healthy because it’s brunch, not dessert!

    Also saw your yoshi slippers on instagram, my sister has a pair too, I got them for her 8th birthday, popular present it seems :p

    • Hey Ming!
      Yup! French toast tortillas – never heard of them before, but hey there’s a first for everything right?
      Haha – Yup a gamer girl must have her own yoshi slippers. No exception. I’m not going to grow up either ;p


  2. Wow, 1 hour drive is epic haha – that’s from me to … past footscray. I’m really craving a really good milkshake now, thanks Peach!! Lol well hope you had a great birthday.. don’t you just love birthdays! Best excuse to indulge :)

    • Hey Catherine,
      Yup – Epic drive. I think driving to footscray is about 1hr as well, but hey a true foodie will go to great distance in the search for good food right?

      Aww thank you for the birthday wishes! I love birthdays – get to indulge and people are extra nice ;) Only happens once a year ;) :P

  3. Pinkfinity says

    Snickers milkshake sounds like a winner and something definitely worth the drive!

  4. Wow snickers milkshake does sound fantastic! Not sure if you’ve been but I’m in love with Misty’s Reese’s Pieces milkshake…I’d travel great distances for that too…I hope you don’t get me hooked on this one as well! :P

    • Hey Jenny,
      Nah I haven’t actually, but a friend of mine always talks about Misty’s. I guess one day I have to make my way there when I can be bothered ;p

      Hahaha – Well I hope i dont ;P

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