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Feast of Merit


Feast of Merit

Address: 117 Swan St Richmond, VIC
Phone: 03 9428 8480
Facebook: here
Twitter: @ygaps
Instagram: @YGAP

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Wow! time really flies these days. It’s been almost three months since the opening of Feast of Merit, and it almost feels like yesterday when I attended the spectacular pre-launch event late February with other media, YGAP sponsors and volunteers.  For those who missed my initial blog post on Feast of Merit – Media Launch, please do check out the blog post here.

How is Feast of Merit faring so far you may ask? Well, recently, I paid Feast of Merit a second visit, but this time to check out their brunch menu. I visited mid-Saturday morning, and boy oh boy, was that place busy as! Luckily as I was on my own, I was able to be seated at a communal table quite quickly. I scanned around and was happy to see some of the familiar faces I saw at the pre-launch night.

I looked through their menu, and decided to start off with a Chai Latte – but rather than soy milk, I opted for almond milk – something I’ve never tried before.
In all fairness, given that I’ve never tried almond milk before, I did find the taste of the chai latte a little strange. The nutty taste of almond milk was new to me and quite different to the subtle soy taste which I’m used to. Having said that, I did quite enjoy my brew and absolutely loved the presentation of the chai latte! Rather than plonking three items all over the table, it was served beautifully on a wooden board.

While I did not have coffee there, be sure to check out their coffee – St Ali donated coffee machines, coffee and training to Feast of Merit!


For brunch I decided to go for something light and opted for their Beetroot – pickled, raw, roasted, wild rice, candied walnuts, salted ricotta and za’atar spices.

When the  the dish arrived, I was completely in awe! Look how vibrant red the dish looks! Absolutely stunning dish. It must be head chef Ravi Presser doing his magic in his beautiful kitchen! Did you know that Luus Industries (website/facebook) donated $20,000 worth of equipment to Feast of Merit? Luus Industries designs and manufactures European and Asian styled commercial equipment that are made in Australia and of premium quality. So if you are ever in need of commercial equipment, be sure to check them out!

I absolutely love the dish – both presentation and taste wise. I love how they presented the whole beetroot including the root. While I loved the sweetness of the roasted and raw beetroot, I absolutely adored the pickled beetroot, and together with the puffed wild rice and candied walnuts it was like a party in my mouth – so much texture! I must say however, this dish is not suited for those who are hungry!


After my meal, I decided to stay a while and wanted something sweet to drink and eat.
Both The Osho and Light My Fire are made by Nutrition Darling.

The Osho, is part of the “Enlightened Smoothies” range at Feast of Merit and is made with almond milk, almond butter, raw cacao, LSA, coconut, phylum husk, chia seeds, raw honey and banana. Taking a sip of the drink, and you can already taste the almond milk, chocolate and banana. A rather smooth and creamy drink! Love how they served it in a mason jar! Makes drinking so much fun!


Ok, I must admit that I chose this slice purely on the fact that it was bright pink!
The light my fire slice is an organic, raw, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and vegan slice – that is made up of: chai tea spices, raw cacao, figs, maca powder, coconut oil, almond, linseed, sunflower seed, chia seed, goji berry, natural sultana, coconut nectar, cashew, beetroot juice, vanilla and lemon juice! A slice of goodness minus the guilt attached!
I quite like this slice – the biscuit base was slightly chewy and gave the slice a great texture. The icing was the perfect sweetness! Cant wait to try the other slices that Nutrition Darling offers!


So happy to see how well Feast of Merit is doing, and all for the better of helping the many communities that YGAP is helping.

Did you know that YGAP has also started another amazing initiative: 5 cent campaign (Do they ever stop doing amazing stuff? I hope not!) – read about it here! I signed up for it too!

Definitely will return for their lunch menu some time and I just love how homely the place feels!


  1. Wow – I keep hearing about Feast of Merit everywhere! It looks awesome – love the look of the beetroot dish and the light my fire slice as well! :)

    • Feast of Merit is a great place and initiative! The good thing is that you actually helping out with the community :)
      I love the look of beetroot too! so pretty and taste healthy too haha :D

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