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Eat Fit Food | Cleanse program | Day 3

eat fit food dinner laksa

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Like yesterday, I had a late night and early start again, however I feel mentally and physically great. I started the day off with a reformer pilates class before grabbing a coffee at Patricia Coffee Brewers before picking up my breakfast from our mailing room.

Breakfast today was the same as Day 1 –  Grain and seed coconut crunch with salted caramel almond milk with some grilled bananas. I absolutely have no issues eating this breakfast again, as I enjoyed it quite a bit. This morning juice was the Revitalise – Orange, Carrot, Turmeric, ginger, celery and pineapple. Lots of vitamin C and immune system boosting quality! Whenever I have insufficient sleep I tend to have a weaker immune system, so it was great to have this juice in my Cleanse Pack.
eat fit food breakfast and juice

Today was a busy day at work with a number of deadlines to meet and monthly reporting to do. I had my headphones on and my trail mix to take me through until lunch time.

eat fit food trail mix

I’m so glad that for the past three days I’ve had a variety of lunches. Usually I would have the same meal for 5 days and would be sick of it after a few days. Anyway, for lunch I had vegan shepherds pie served with a side of green beans, spinach and peas. The healthy vegan shepherds pie is made with a mixture of beans and fresh tomatoes with a sweet potato mash on top.

Like for the past two days, my lunch left me feeling content without feeling overly full.

eat fit food shepherds pie

Late afternoon I started to get hungry. Luckily I had a cranberry and psyllium bar to get me through the afternoon. The bar is filled with whole grains and sweetened with cranberries and rice malt making it a super healthy bar.  This was also my pre-workout snack as I had a boxing technique class to attend after work.

eat fit food cleanse bar

After work, I made my way to my gym to attend a 1.5 hour boxing technique class that was full of cardio. By the end of the class my hand was shaking but I felt amazing albeit a bit hungry.

As soon as I arrived home, I was ready to have dinner. Dinner was Prawn Laksa. There was a generous portion of prawns served with a mixture of greens. There was a small quantity of flat rice noodles in the prawn laksa. This was probably the healthiest and tastiest laksa I’ve ever had.

eat fit food dinner laksa

It’s mid week now, and I must admit that I’ve been pretty happy with this cleanse program. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer! Stay tuned!

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