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Eat Fit Food | Cleanse program | Day 2

eat fit food salad with tuna

Click here for Day 1 of my Eat Fit Food journey.

Even though I went to bed quite late last night, I woke up at 5AM feeling energised and ready to start my day. I started the day with an incredible session of barre at Kaya Health Clubs, that worked all parts of my body.

As I had an international phone conference, I knew I had to start my day strong by a good breakfast. Luckily I had my Eat Fit Food breakfast waiting for me at work. Breakfast today was gluten free chia and goji bircher muesli with coconut yoghurt. To be honest the first spoonful was extremely sweet and I was hesitant to take another spoonful. However after giving it a good mix through with the coconut yoghurt the sweetness toned down and it was a pleasure to eat. I love the different textures of the pepita seeds, goji berry, and green apples.
eat fit food bircher muesli

After my conference call, I was starting to get hungry. The snack included in the Tuesday cleanse program was rice cracker and gua-kale-mole. It was moreish and I wanted more!

eat fit food crackers and guacamole

Having a desk job, it is important that I step away from the desk at lunch time each day to get fresh air and clear the mind. The best part is adding 30 minute exercise without much effort. After my walk around the block, it was time for lunch. For lunch it was agedashi tofu with buckwheat, coleslaw and mayo. It was a divine lunch combination РI love the texture of the buckwheat, with the soft pieces of marinated agedashi tofu pieces and the wasabi mayo dressing that went with the fresh colourful coleslaw.

eat fit food buckwheat and tofu

In the late evening on my train ride home I was starting to feel hungry, but I had quite a distance to travel – luckily I had my nut, seed and coconut slice (also part of the cleanse program) with me. Anything with coconut is my favourite!

eat fit food coconut slice

For dinner  I had a fresh, healthy salad of grilled tuna, asparagus, agro-dolce vegetables with anchovy. I love the generous serving of tuna steaks served with freshly grilled vegetables.

I also had my ‘revive’ juice which is a combination of apple, mint, lemon, kiwifruit, spinach and kale. It was so clean and refreshing! Who else is a lover of green juice here?

eat fit food salad with tuna

Another amazing day of healthy food, prepped and delivered to work. I’m enjoying having meals that are ready to eat – it eliminates the decision making process and I also have the peace of mind knowing my calorie intake for the day is only around 1400 cal.

Stay tuned for Day 3 of the cleanse program tomorrow!

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