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East Empress

Siew Mai

Address: 263 Springvale Rd
Glen Waverley, 3150
Phone: (03) 9887 8388

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Mid morning my colleague Sunny asked me whether I was interested in having Peking Duck for lunch.
I sat there thinking whether there was a possibility of finishing our peking duck in our 1 hour break.
Sunny said he would make it happen, and he did :)

Come lunch, Sunny, Gloria and myself drove over to East Empress.
The place looked rather empty, however immaculately clean. As we entered, they took us to our tables, waited for us to be seated and placed a red clean cloth on our laps.
When Sunny pre-ordered the duck, he was told that a whole peking duck would be $55, but eaten only in crepes style. It doesn’t get stir fried with noodles or boiled with soup like other peking duck places do. So for $55, we would only get 12 pieces of peking duck wrapped in crepes. Of course that would not fill us up, so we had to order some entrees, and a glass of wine. One would ponder what the restaurant would do with the rest of the duck? I suppose they would use it to cook dishes that other people order!

What we ordered for entrees:
1. Chef’s special Entree: Woh Tip, which is pretty much fried dumplings in red vinegar and ginger
2. Shui Mai (3 pieces of steamed pork shui mai) – One of the most meaty delicious shui mai I’ve ever eaten. Not sure why they spell it shui mai instead of siew mai though. It is rather large for a siew mai. Maybe that’s the difference!
3. Mixed Treasures: Spring roll, sesame seed prawn, satay chicken.

And because it was a Friday, Gloria ordered us three glasses of Sauvignon blanc. Very crisp.

After we had our entrees, our peking duck arrived. To be honest the $55 was just not worth it, only because the waiter was rather heavy handed on the hoisin sauce that in the end it over powered the peking duck. I couldn’t even savour the taste of the duck! :(

After we finished our meal, we were presented a very HOT cloth and some fortune cookies.

Nice table setting

Sauvignon blanc

Woh Tip

Siew Mai

Peking Duck wrapped in crepes


Mixed Treasures

Fortune Cookies

Our fortunes