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EARL Canteen


Address: 500 Bourke Street (Enter via Lt Bourke St), Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 9600 1995
Facebook: here
Twitter: @EARLCanteen
Cuisine: Sandwhiches/Subs, Breakfast/Brunch
Price: $
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 7am – 4pm
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Foodie Partner: Kahlil

As monkey Kahlil came back from his trip to Vietnam a week ago, we made arrangements to catch up over breakfast.

We arranged to meet up at Hungry Jacks at Southern Cross station, but Kahlil NEVER told me that there were two Hungry Jacks. So I was upstairs waiting whilst he was down stairs waiting. *laughs*
After several phone calls, Kahlil told me to meet him at the Bourke St end of Southern Cross, and yeah we finally met! haha :X

So prior to meeting up I was automatically assigned the job of choosing our breakfast place. In all honesty I think I’ve covered most of the hot places in Melbourne, but then I realised that there was one place that I haven’t covered which was Earl Canteen *gasps*, I think I’m one of the last Melbourne food bloggers to blog about this place! ha!


For drinks, Kahlil ordered a skinny cappuccino, whilst I ordered….*Drum rolls* HOT CHOCOLATE! (kinda obvious if you’re a regular reader).
Yes, Kahlil being a man..I would have assumed that he would have ordered a cappuccino with full cream milk but he didn’t! But, I guess if you know him you would know he’s quite healthy – back at our old work place (we’ve since left and both found a job in the CBD), you would know that he does his lunch hour running XX kms and eating his stinky canned tuna with wholegrain biscuits.

Initially the waiter brought over a skinny latte, but took it back when Kahlil mentioned that he ordered a skinny cappuccino.

Whilst this hot chocolate does not look like the best looking hot chocolate, it was in fact a good hot chocolate and I quite enjoyed it. It’s on the rich and dark chocolate side.

Kah ordered a breakfast sandwich of prosciutto, slow cooked egg and roast tomato.
I didn’t try the sandwich but Kahlil said he felt that the ingredients were a bit cold, but he wasn’t sure whether they were meant to be cold. Other than that he said that the prosciutto wasn’t over powering and that the eggs were cooked to his liking.

Initially I wanted to cancel on Kah for  breakfast that morning as I woke up with a horrible sore throat, but decided not to cancel, and dragged myself to meet up with him.
Turns out that it was the wrong idea as my throat went really bad to the point that I had to leave work and go see a doctor. Turns out I had a throat infection with a virus and my lungs aren’t functioning at 100% (bad asthma) and have been home ridden since *sigh*

Anyway, with a sore throat I didn’t want to order anything that was rough to irritate my throat any further so I ordered a bowl of porridge. Oh how wonderful was that bowl of porridge!
The rolled oats were cooked to the softness of my liking, and the quinoa and linseed gave it extra texture and healthier too!
Whilst the cinnamon poached apple did smell quite overpowering, it didn’t taste overpowering at all. The poached apples still maintained a very slight crunch and I thought it was the perfect accompaniment to the porridge.
And with the panela sugar it made the porridge a real treat to eat. If you’re a sweet tooth, this bowl of porridge is NOT for you :) as it’s not crazy sweet. But for me it was the perfect level of sweetness. I really really love this bowl of porridge!

So overall, EARL Canteen should not be overlooked when you’re looking for a place to go to for breakfast in the CBD on a weekday. A majority of the 60+ blog entries on EARL Canteen via Urbanspoon are mainly about their Pork Belly Sandwich (which I’ve yet to try), and not much if any blog posts on breakfast – so hopefully this blog post will give a brief overview of EARL Canteen’s breakfast menu! It’s great :D

And finally, Thanks Kahlil for paying for breakfast :)


Not knowing that I would have to go home early due to my sore throat, I also ordered a lunch salad to go. At that time they were still making the food for lunch, but I was luckily enough to get their hot smoked salmon + two pieces of whole grain bread to take with me.
This is definitely a super healthy salad with lots of beans, tomatoes, sprouts, half a soft boiled egg and smoked salmon. The salad was great with the dressing!

Sweet Treats

Prior to the visit to EARL canteen with Kah, I actually visited EARL Canteen on the day that I visited Roll’d but did not get to blog about it because I felt that it was such a relatively small item to blog on.

Last time when I went I went for a quick hot chocolate and also bought a Black Sesame Macaron to have with my hot chocolate. I have to say OH EM GEE. This macaron is simply the best macaron I’ve had in a while. I love the saturation level of the colour purple which they used to colour the macaron! So very vibrant and eye catching, and to top it off the ganache filling of black sesame flavour was exceptional. It was like eating black sesame ice cream minus the coldness of ice cream! <3
So if you’re ever at EARL Canteen you MUST order the black sesame macaron!

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  1. i want that smoked salmon! That porridge looks very hearty and warming. Hope you are feeling better !

    • Hey Julie,

      Yup – the smoke salmon is good. Super healthy and yeah.. healthy :P
      And yeah, the porridge indeed warm my heart.
      If you’re around that area make sure you grab yourself a bowl of porridge :)
      And yes, thank you, I’m feeling much better :D

      Peach Water

  2. OMG that porridge is definitely what i want for breakfast tomorrow! I think i’m coming down with a bit of a cold sighhhhhh last time I went I didn’t like their lunches…think i should go back for breakfast ~

    • I haven’t been there for their pork belly sandwhich yet :(
      But yes, that porridge is so good! I love it! You should definitely revisit for the brekky menu ^_^

      Peach Water

    • Hey Sophie!
      Thanks for your lovely comment <3
      Yes, that macaron must be in your mouth! I rarely see sesame flavoured macarons, so this is a real treat! And look how vibrant the colour is!! Definitely give it a go if you go to Earl :)

      Peach Water

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