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Dukes Coffee

Dukes Coffee

Address: 169 Chapel St Windsor, VIC 3181
Phone:03 9521 4884
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Foodie Partners: Elle

I don’t frequent Chapel St a lot. I find parking a real nightmare especially in areas where it’s highly populated.
I know I haven’t written many entries in this area, so I hope that I can expand into this area, because there are some very nice cafes/restaurants in this area!
Anyway,  last week a good friend of mine who is also a very loyal supporter of my blog, Elle, messaged me asking whether I would like to catch up for coffee at Dukes.
So on Saturday morning I drove to Chapel St, and surprise surprise, parking was very limited due to the horse racing.

Whilst I was waiting for Elle, I ordered myself a hot chocolate.
The hot chocolate was very rich and had a slight bitter note. *thumbs up*

Really enjoyed my time sipping my hot chocolate whilst waiting for Elle. I noticed that there’s a lot of cute little puppies! <3 nawwww
Not long after, Elle came along, looking gorgeous as usual and she sat down and ordered a latte.

Elle ordered an avocado hummus toast, poached eggs, honey candied bacon and dukkah. I didn’t get to try Elle’s dish but I was quite fascinated with the honey candied bacon – it really reminds me of the pork belly that my mum uses in her braised pork belly dish she used to make when I was a kid. A very interesting looking dish though!

For myself I ordered a plate of butter milk pancakes. The menu says the pancakes comes with blueberries, whilst I do eat blueberries from time to time, I felt like a different type of berry that morning. I asked the waitress and she said they were happy to give me strawberries! Very accommodating :)

In terms of the butter milk pancakes, they were soft, fluffy and buttery! The only thing however was the pancakes lacked sweetness and was quite bland, however having said that there was maple syrup which is sweet enough for it :)
The vanilla bean cream had a very mild and probably quite subtle taste in vanilla.

I also ordered the candied streaky bacon to go with my pancakes. I usually don’t eat bacon, but for some reason I really felt like bacon. Actually, I think it was because of the bacon and maple syrup cupcake I had at Cupcake Central. OH MY LORD.

I think the bacon would have been better on the plate together with the pancakes rather than on a bowl on its own. It looked really strange.
I need to say, bacon, pancakes, maple syrup and strawberries together are AMAZING :)

Without doubt, the service provided here at Dukes was professional, quick and friendly.
There’s a lot of traffic, cute little puppies and a great place to chill out on a Saturday morning/afternoon.
The food here are beautifully presented and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this place to someone who are looking for somewhere to eat on Chapel St.

And lastly, if you have not visited Elle’s blog I would highly recommend you to do so. It’s not a food blog, but it’s a very fashion forward blog and very unique.
You can visit her blog here.

Thank you Elle for taking time out of your schedule to come out and have brunch with me. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have met you through this blog. Thank hunz for being a loyal supporter and great friend :)


  1. Hi Peach, you should have tried my dish! But yeah I didn’t quite take a liking to it. The bacon got hard very quickly…it was like eating a tyre…I wish they cut it smaller/thinner. Nonetheless this place is popular as ever…Coffee is AWESOME. :)

    • Hey Elle :)

      Yeah – I should have tried – Clearly I was enjoying my pancake more that I kinda forgotten to try your dish!
      Ahh… Yuck – tyre and hard bacon.. that’s no good :(

      I’ll need to go back for the coffee some time :) But I’m sure we will have a chance to brunch it up again :)


  2. I totally missed this blog post! I exceeded my mobile data so can’t even check twitter/blogs as often *cries* I love Dukes and I’ve had the savoury dish before and usually the bacon bits are smaller.. it looks quite big when you guys went. And how lonely that strip of bacon looks haha. Let’s go brunching soon! :)

    • Catherine,

      hahaha nono – I just blogged it last night. I pretty much passed out on Sunday night and couldn’t publish it until last night!
      Yeah a very lonely strip of bacon! Hahaha. Yes let’s brunch soon :)


    • Ming,
      Awww no… well yes I have to say you did miss out on the awesome maple and bacon cupcake. OMG it was a heart attack calling, but it was decadent at the same time :P
      Hahaha… 11pm bacon cravings! Whoops sorry :P hahaha

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