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Creperie le Triskel


Address: 32 Hardware Lane Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 6640 6404
Website: N/A
Facebook: N/A
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Cuisine: French
Price: $
Opening Days: Tues – Saturday
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Foodie Partner: Zoe

For those who have liked my facebook page, you would have noticed my exclusive mini blog posts that I posted to my facebook time line. One place I reviewed recently was Le Petite Creperie, which is the little sister of Creperie le Triskel that is gaining much interest from people who walk along Swanston St. Their peanut butter and chocolate sauce crepe is amazing, and they have many other flavours to choose from, and prices ranging from $4 to $8. So what does the big sister offer? Much more of course!

A month or two ago, Zoe and I decided to meet up for breakfast. Originally I had asked her to meet up for breakfast at “That Place”. However, I felt really unwelcomed by the staff who did not even bother to acknowledge me even though I sat down for 5 minutes. They went and helped other staff, and even when I walked out they didn’t acknowledge me.
So we decided to walk along Hardware Lane, and decided to go for crepes, which is a bit different from what we usually have for breakfast.

We entered into a very homey like store, and was greeted by a chirpy “BONJOUR!”
The waitresses and the waiters there all spoke with a french accent which was very cute, and I must say I had the most awkward time trying to pronounce half the items on the menu, as European languages is just not my forte :( Whilst I could have studied French in high school, I chose to stick with Japanese and ended up studying Japanese for a total of 9 years! (I still cannot speak in it fluently -_-“)

Zoe started off with a French Sirop, which is a concentrated drink (cordial like), which comes in a range of flavours. The one that Zoe had was the lemon flavoured sirop. I tried a bit of it, but I found it to be too strong for me, and it was too early for me to have such a concentrated drink.

On the other hand, I ordered a Le Bol Cafe Au Lait, which is pretty much a supersized latte. Oh good lord this was so big, that I managed to only take a few sip and left the rest of the drink untouched.

I really found the big bowl to be intriguing to say the least, but the coffee was quite strong!
I’m not much of a coffee drink as you may have noticed, and generally if I do have coffee I end up having a horrible time sleeping for that night :(

The first crepe that Zoe and I had ordered to share was the Lemon and Sugar crepe.
It’s a very simple crepe, and was made exceptionally thin. The lemon juice was squeezed on top of the crepe and then sprinkled with sugar. I found that the lemon juice gave it a slight salty taste to it, but the sugar did help balance the sour taste of the lemon juice.
Definitely a very simple crepe!

The next crepe we ordered was a savoury crepe, that came along with a side of goats cheese with some pine nuts. I found the goats cheese to be slightly rubbery, and not as soft as I expected it.

The crepe itself is topped with dried tomatoes, bread, spinach with pine nuts, slice of grilled goats cheese and honey.
My brain still cannot process savoury crepe, as I’ve always associated crepes with ice cream, chocolate or something along the lines of a sweet ingredient of some type.

Oh my! oh my! This is the best crepe I’ve had in a very long time…. Ok… The peanut butter and chocolate sauce crepe at Le Petite Creperie is just as good! But oh, this pear, chocolate and vanilla ice cream crepe is simply my favourite.

Why? Well the crepe was very hot, the chocolate sauce was gooey, and eating it with cold vanilla ice cream made it heavenly! nomnom. Loved the hot and coldness of the crepe. It made my brain all fuzzy and happy! haha. As for the crepe, it was poached till soft but still had a very slight crunch to it! This crepe is simply a great crepe!

Ever since having crepes from Creperie Le Triskel, I’ve now been eating more crepes, especially from the sister store Le Petite Creperie. To me, it’s a lot easier for me to get to Le Petite Creperie, because it’s on my way home from work so I can drop by for a crepe. The staff working there are very chirpy, and I just love the little blue fairy lights that lights up the stand!

So if you ask me, Ido prefer the convenience of the Le Petite Creperie, but dislike eating it from the cardboard holder, but I guess it’s the only way of holding the crepe and eating it on the go! I guess if I really want to eat crepes with a knife and fork and I want more choices, I’d have to visit this place again :) Always great to eat at a place that does acknowledge you and gives you good service. This is definitely an arrogantly French store ;) for sure!


  1. Absolutely love crepes! And what more at a place with awesome service and friendly wait staff?? It just makes the eating experience so much more enjoyable doesn’t it? Can’t wait to give this place and the sister place a try! hehe NOMS!

    • Hey Lianne!

      Yeah – I’ve fallen in love with crepes myself.
      But yes the sister place is the bomb! The peanut butter and chocolate sauce, but definitely my shout :D

      Peach Water

    • Hi Ames,

      Haha, I spent my time in high school perfecting my Asian languages, and have pretty much forgotten the majority of it.

      And, thank you very much for the award <3 It's things like this from my readers that really motivates me to work harder even on days when I feel a bit lazy :)

      And you're welcome re: inspiration :)

      Much Love,
      Peach Water

  2. Arghhhh I’m totally having CREPE cravings lol been having them for quite some time now ~~ alright gonna go get my act together and EAT SOME SOON :)

    • Hey Daisy,
      LOL – yes you need to head down to the Le Petite Creperie for the crepes! it’s so good!!!

      Peach Water

  3. OMG I walk pass this all the time but it’s never open1 Waaa.. I want to find someone to visit with me!

    • MsIhua,
      Eh? Never open?! What time do you walk pass?! Perhaps you should try their sister store, because it’s open very early, like 8am!
      Would gladly visit with you ^_^

      Peach Water

  4. Mmmm those crepes look so lovely and delicate, the pear, chocolate and ice cream one is making me so hungry! Have you tried the crepes at roule galette? I’ve had days where the crepes are soggy but on some days they’re brilliantly crispy and light.

    • Hey Ming :)
      The pear, chocolate and ice cream crepes are my favourite!
      Ahhh, I’ve been rec’d by Daisy from NeverTooSweetForMe to try Roule Galette but I haven’t tried myself. I might visit one day when I have time hehe

      Peach Water

  5. Konsume117 says

    Aaah, when I went to this place, I nearly shouted “Crêperika!” while eating one of there Crêpes because they were so good!

    Good job guys!

    • Hey there Konsume117,

      Hahaha! OH I like that: “Crêperika!”
      Have you tried their sister store which is on the corner of Swanston St and Little Collins St? It’s amazing :D

      Peach Water

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