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Address: 252 Swanston St Melbourne, VIC
Phone:03 9663 7660
Facebook: here
Twitter: N/A
Cuisine: Thai
Price: $$$
Opening Hours: Noon – 7pm, 7days
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Foodie Partner: Janelle

Thai food is probably a cuisine which I find myself drawn to, and having constant cravings for. To find one a good authentic Thai restaurant within Melbourne Central area, it’s pretty difficult, unless I hike to Middle Fish.

I have been aware of Cookie for quite some time, but never had a chance to visit it myself, but luckily an opportunity arose for me to visit Cookie.

The atmosphere of Cookie is quite relaxed. At the time of arrival it was pretty quiet but the number of patrons built up as we progressed through our lunch. I’m sure that being a popular restaurant, Cookie would also be pretty busy at night, as it also has a bar as well.

What I also love is their retro feel to their restaurant and you can be rest assured that this restaurant is a authentic Thai restaurant.

At Cookie, their menu is broken up into several sections. Not knowing the sizes of the dishes as the menu was all in text I decided to play it safe, and chose from the the small dishes and the medium dishes. We also asked for the opinion of the waiter to make sure that we didn’t over order.

We ordered 2 dishes from the small dish section, 1 from the medium dishes and a side of rice and rotti bread. This was sufficient, if not more than enough for the two of us.

Small Dishes
One of my two favourite dishes that we ordered was the steamed fish & coconut custard in a banana leaf basket. To me this dish was very homey style, and it’s real comfort food for me to eat it with rice.

The custard was very smooth, with very light texture of the fish. I was a bit worried that it would have a fishy taste, but luckily it didn’t. It was well seasoned, and eating on its own will be ok. There’s not much of a coconut taste to it, but nevertheless I really enjoyed the dish.

In the past when I’ve always been hesitant to order dishes with banana leaf, because I have experienced times where the banana leaves used overpowered the other ingredients in the dish. Luckily the banana leaf here had no scent or added extra flavour to the dish, which was a relief to me, as I don’t particularly like the flavour of it.

My other favourite dish was the mussel cake with green papaya & cashew salad.

The reason why I liked this dish, and perhaps I can even say that this dish is my equal favourite with the steam fish and egg custard, because the flavours and the texture of this dish is amazing. The mussel cake has a crisp batter, and inside the mussel cake it’s moist. Whilst it’s not seasoned as much, the tangyness of the green papaya and cashew salad complimented the dish well. I did find myself adding a bit of soy sauce and some of their pickled chillis to heighten the taste.

Medium Dish
The last dish that we ordered was the stir fried squid with onion garlic & salted eggs. Whilst the dish tasted ok, and went really well with the steamed rice, I found this dish to be average. Coming from an Asian family, I’m often eating a lot of stir fried dishes, and so to me, it’s not really a POW WOW WOW dish, if you get what I’m trying to say. lol.

The squid was tender and so soft it didn’t taste rubbery at all. The gravy of the stir fry was good for dipping the rotti bread into.Unfortunately I couldn’t taste much of the salted eggs though.

By the time I had finished all three dishes, I didn’t feel like any dessert, and because it was during the day, I didn’t really want to go into a food coma. But I did find myself napping on the train on the way home because I felt relatively full.

Cookie is definitely a place to visit for authentic Thai food. Whilst I’m still adamant about Sydney being the better city for Thai food, I’m glad that we have Cookie here in the CBD. Cookie definitely has a lot to offer, with many dishes to try, a bar for drinks and a relaxed environment. Definitely give it a go if you love your Thai food! :)


  1. ahhh! I just read another post on Cookie and realise you posted one too! That fish and coconut custard is something I have been craving for ages! :( ME WANTS SOME! hehe Guess I have to make a trip down to Cookie soon ya? Still craving for Thai food as you can tell! :P

    • Hey Lianne,

      Your comment made me chuckle – yes I can see you have another Thai food craving :P hahaha. But yes, Cookie is probably a place that ALL Foodies must go to!
      The atmosphere and food is just great :D

      Peach Water

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