1. matt says


    Saw we (Phat Brats) are on your wish list.
    Would love to have you down for a dog on us!
    Let me know when you’re free and I’ll meet you down there

    Matt :)

  2. Hi Peach Water! Came across your blog whilst google searching for the address of ‘Dessert 1st’ but then could not find this blog entry on your site. Anyway, please please do a review on Ibuki. It’s a ‘restaurant’ at the owner/chef”s garage in East Bentleigh. Somehow I think it’s a ‘hidden gem-word-of-mouth’ thing because I could not find his address! All I know is it’s at his home/garage, Japanese & a set menu that costs $80 per head & IT”S GOOD. Your reviews are real good since I went to Phat Brats today after seeing your blog on it! :) xo from a new fan Elle xo

    • Hey Elle,

      Thank you very much for your kind words, and I’m very glad that you enjoy my reviews, and I hope you enjoyed your visit to Phat Brats. I see that you have your very own blog, so perhaps a short review? :)

      As for the Dessert 1st, I don’t have an entry on my food blog here at peach-water.com, but I do have a mini review which is exclusive to my fanpage on Facebook. You can see it at: https://www.facebook.com/LovePeachWater, under my wall photos album :) Hope that helps.

      Also, I did a quick search on Ibuki – I’ve noticed that they’ve actually expanded into a proper restaurant in the CBD on Flinders Lane. I really love Japanese food, and I will add that to my wish list. Look out for a review in the near future.

      Peach Water

  3. Hi Peach-Water, thanks for the reply! :) The one that expanded into the CBD is not the same owner. I read from another blogger’s page that Ibuki had closed & opened in the CBD & the food isn’t great, but this is not true because the original Ibuki still exists. Thank God I found out that one of my friends had gone 3 weeks ago so I will be anticipating my visit there soon. Regardless I hope you will be able check out the original Ibuki – I’ll try to suss out the address & post it up here again for you :) & yes will work on a review soon for your page. I did add a link to your blog from mine hehe <3 xo

    • Hey Elle,
      No problem re: reply.

      Ahhh – I thought it was the same owner – I guess I must have mistaken it. Oh, I’m looking forward to your visit there, and yes, please do let me know the details of their whereabouts – i will definitely review it just for you :)

      Oh, thank you for the linky to your blog.

      Peach Water

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  5. Hi there , I would love some tickets to Taste of Melbourne please :) what am I most looking forward to , well all of it but I would be heading straight for the new Healthy trail site , then the Tasmanian site , then the Beer Hall to start with … Please please :) thanks Michelle

  6. Jasmine says

    Hello! I was excited to go to your restaurant Chin Chin but I heard you don’t use free range eggs so I just wanted to check if that was true. Thank you!! :)

    • Hi there Jasmine,

      I actually don’t own the restaurant Chin Chin. It might be best if you direct your enquiries to Chin Chin themselves, and they will be able to answer you :)


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