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Code Black Coffee


Code Black Coffee

Address: 15-17 Weston St Brunswick VIC 3056
Phone: 03 9381 2330
Twitter: @codeblackcoffee
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Lianne @FoodMadeWithLove, Julie @IDreamInChocolate,
Daisy @NeverTooSweetForMe, Melissa @JellyBellyMelly

So, it’s my Twinnie’s(@FoodMadeWithLove) birthday on Monday, so together with Poké Sis(@IDreamInChocolate), Sweet Queen(@NeverTooSweetForMe) and Twinnie’s sis-in-law, JellyBellyMelly, we all went to Code Black Coffee to celebrate her birthday. It was also an early celebration for Poké Sis :P

So what happens when there’s 4 food bloggers at one food establishment? Crazy happy snapping action! Of course Jelly Belly Melly is not new to this, and was very patient with us girls!

Recently due to stress, I’ve been suffering from indigestion. As such, I’ve been rather careful on what I eat and drink, so that it doesn’t upset my stomach (It’s such a curse for a foodie!!).
In a way, having indigestion is a blessing and a curse. A blessing, as I can only manage small portions (yay no more food comas), a curse because I now cant eat food I love as much (Coffee, Chocolate, Chilli (OMG?!) and Sour food!).

As I am recommended by the doctor to drink less coffee (curse), I’ve been experimenting and trying different drinks. One drink I’ve chanced upon and have fallen in love with would be Chai Latte.
Here at Code Black Coffee, their Chai Latte isn’t heavily spiced. You can definitely taste the cinnamon and it is sweetened by honey! I ended up having midnight cravings for Chai Latte lol.

A question to my readers, if you love Chai Latte, do you love Chai Tea? I personally dislike Chai Tea, it’s too strong in taste! :(

The girls ordered the following: Jelly Belly Melly (Hot Chocolate), Julie (Soy Mocha), Daisy (Skinny Mocha) and Lianne (Cappucino).


Ok, since it’s Twinnie’s birthday, I will talk about her dish first!
Twinnie decided to order the Smoked Ham Croquettes with baby spinach, poached egg and cauliflower puree. According to Twinnie, she loved the dish very much, and raved about the cauliflower puree.
I was lucky to get a small taste of the cauliflower puree – a sweet yet subtle cauliflower taste and very creamy!
I have to say, the plating here at Code Black Coffee is absolutely stunning!


Lately, I have gone crazy over polenta (no, not placenta Nicky boy! >.<) and luckily a lot of cafes are adopting it into their menu so I’m super happy!
When I saw baked eggs and polenta fingers I was sold! I also ordered a side of mushrooms (I mean, why wouldn’t I? I am a mushroom addict LOL).

As much as I wanted to love the baked eggs, I found the eggs to be over cooked. The yolks were not runny. Julie suspects that the dish that they used to bake the eggs retained the heat, and as a result the eggs were over cooked. Otherwise it would have been a great dish. The leek puree was very similar to Twinnie’s cauliflower puree – sweet yet subtle and creamy. There was a generous portion of baby spinach, and was flavoured by a very soft goats cheese.

Now to the polenta! Oh my, those polenta fingers are my favourite. The polenta fingers itself were not seasoned, however I enjoyed it. The crispy and textured exterior and the moist interior. I also love the fact that they rolled the polenta fingers into uncooked polenta to give it extra texture! Thumbs up! :)


I think out of all the dishes that were ordered, Julie’s dish looked the prettiest in my opinion! It looks like a painting!
Julie ordered the Huon smoked salmon with fried capers, heirloom tomatoes, toasted multigrain and potato aioli.

Sadly for Julie, the Huon smoked salmon was very salty. I took a small piece to try and found it to be really salty too :(
On the other hand the potato aioli was great. It had a very creamy potato taste! Loved it.


Jelly Belly Melly ordered the open bacon steak sandwich with tomato, cos lettuce, avocado on a toasted sour dough with fried egg.
A very simple dish, but Jelly Belly Melly was very happy. I mean who wouldn’t be happy with that huge slice of bacon?!


The Sweet Queen surprisingly did not order any sweet dishes as she wanted to be healthy, as there was a cake to follow (Daisy made an amazing Jamie Oliver pear and pistachio cake with honey and lemon syrup topping) and Daisy  wanted to visit Monsieur Truffe. So, Daisy ended up choosing ‘Australia’s best toasted sandwich 2012’, which is grilled multigrain, polenta cake, with cheese centre, truffle mushrooms, fried egg and mustard cress.

According to Daisy, she was not particularly fond of the polenta cake as it lacked seasoning, was not as crispy and so she left about half of it unfinished.  The polenta cake actually looks quite similar to my polenta fingers, but was in a ‘slab’ form. Nevertheless, I think the dish looked rather interesting and would be an option for anyone who’s looking for a meatless dish!


– A huge array of interesting dishes to choose from;
– Beautiful plating and presentation of dishes;
– The staff are very friendly and accommodating – we brought our own cake, but they didn’t charge us and even gave us bags so we can take the remaining cake home. So big kudos!
– The waitress who served us was really friendly and was not pushy! Many thanks for the great experience :) A lot of waitresses these days are rather pushy!
– I love their polenta fingers and mushrooms!
– Beautiful interior, but sadly we had a table outside!




  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for having brunch with me on Saturday! (: it was absolutely the best day I had (followed by dinner at Little Hunter) and I couldn’t ask for more! Best girls ever! xx

    • Twinnie,

      You are most welcome, and you know you deserve the best for someone kind hearted like you :)
      Have a great day tomorrow!


  2. I think we did a great job and pulled it off really well Peachie! :) *High five* LOL the girls totally didn’t know what we were up to!

    I totally agree with you that service was superb there I totally didn’t think that they would let us eat the cake there and be so friendly about it ~

    A shame about the polenta cake I generally liked the dish oh wells will go back again to try ~ I really want cauliflower puree!

    • Hey Daisy!

      *HI-5* Definitely did a good job :D Buahahaa. They didn’t even know until we paid heheheh :D

      Yeah, I’m a sucker for outstanding service and extremely friendly to allow us to serve yet also provide us with paper bags! :)

      Yeah, sad to hear about your polenta! Coz I love my polenta :)


    • Milkteaxx,

      YAY! At least I’m not the only mushroom addict :D
      But Sydney has amazing restaurants. I love the thai restaurants in Sydney <3


  3. thanks so much for the brunch you sneaky girl :P (and daisy) super happy birthday bunch :). Sadness seems like every baked eggs dish has goats cheese :(

    • Julie,
      Buahahaha, that’s ok aunty :P I mean the least we can do is pay your brunch :D

      Yup – seems like goats cheese is the cheese they use in baked eggs these days!
      I think you should start eating goats cheese ;P


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