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Chin Chin Revisted


Address: 125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000
03 8663 2000
Twitter: @
Cuisine: Thai
Opening Hours: 7 days: Lunch til Late (walk in only)
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Foodie Partner: Sophia + Andrew

Click here for my previous review on Chin Chin!
As this is a revisit, I won’t be writing a comprehensive review but just briefly :)

It’s been almost a year since my last visit to Chin Chin, and ever since I last visited  Chin Chin, I’ve been wanting to go back because I just love the atmosphere and food there <3
Since then, I’ve been trying to get a table at Chin Chin, and both times the wait time was about a 1hr+ wait. However this time I managed to get a table without waiting because we were there  before 5pm :)

Whilst waiting for Andrew, Sophia and I sat there chatting and then Kate Langbroek from Nova100 came in for dinner with her friend. She was pretty low profile that night!

Sophia and I went for the crushed coconut ice based on my recommendation. Last time I visited I totally loved the coconut ice, so I really wanted to have it again. This time the fruit was apricot jam. Whilst it’s not as colourful as the coconut ice I had last time, I really enjoyed it. It has slight tangy taste to it with notes of coconut. I cant make a direct comparison with the coconut ice I had last time as I cant really remember the taste.
Andrew on the other hand had a cocktail. I didn’t exactly pay attention to it so I cant comment on it :(

Son in Law Eggs: Of course this dish is a definite must reorder. It’s full of flavour and it’s just a real treat to start the evening to a wonderful meal. The gooey yolk center together with the Thai basil and chilli jam are to die for. Best eaten with steamed rice me thinks! omnomnom. Highly recommended dish!

Crispy Skin Duck:  Nothing is better than a fatty & meaty duck with crispy skin. The salad that we had was slightly tangy. Whilst it did come with sesame seeds, I didn’t really add it because the food was getting cold and I was too busy taking photos! Was testing Sophia’s Nikkon 1 (The photos in this post are from my Canon DSLR. The photos from the Nikkon 1 turned out pretty bad, because there’s no view finder and it was only automatic focusing) :P (Damn you masterchef! so much influence. LOL)

Crying Tiger: I chose dish purely because of it’s awesome name, and the dish turned out to be a great dish. I’ve read other reviews whilst writing up this post and some have mentioned that it’s quite spicy. But I don’t know, to me it wasn’t spicy enough except for the occasional seed that I bit into by accident. Both Andrew and Sophia can eat chilli and I didn’t see them complain about the spice… I really don’t know, nothing is spicy to me anymore?! :(
What I do love about this dish is the tamarind sauce! The sourness of the tamarind sauce makes it perfect

Jelly Fish & Chicken Salad: This was probably my least favourite dish. I couldn’t taste any of the jellyfish, or perhaps the jellyfish was on the otherside of the dish :( Whilst it had a lot of texture with the greens, sesame seed, crackers and shredded chicken, I didn’t find it overly special.

Personally, I preferred my dessert at my previous visit. There’s nothing wrong with the desserts, but I guess the desserts we chose didn’t particularly suit my taste :(

Palm Sugar Ice Cream Sundae w/ Salted Honeycomb & Lime Syrup: I love honeycomb, however I don’t think it was my type of dessert because of the bitter notes in the dessert, and with the tangy lime syrup I found the dessert to be too confusing for my brain. LOL.

Platter of little things to share: This came with three different items: 1. Ginger cake, 2. Caramel popcorn, 3. Coconut Jelly

Out of the three items, my favourite was the coconut jelly. So soft that it’s perfect for my Asian Granny @Sopface (Inside joke with my dearest Sophia) :P
The ginger cake, it was a moist cake that reminded me of banana cake a lot. I didn’t taste much of the ginger flavour though.

Now, I was rubbing my hands in glee after seeing the caramel popcorn as I love my caramel popcorn (especially the Japanese ones), but oh boy this caramel popcorn was so hard and sticky that it pretty much ended up sticking to poor Sopface’s teeth. I tried to eat it without chewing it too much but it too ended up getting clogged up in my molars. LOL so bad that I had to scoop some palm sugar ice cream and eat it in the hope that it would help ease the popcorn out of my molars!

Overall my second visit to Chin Chin was great! Of course being accompanied by great people it just makes the whole experience even better!
Whilst the dessert may not have been as great as my previous visit, I think the savoury dishes that we ordered were all great dishes and worth me revisiting the place!


  1. Audrey says

    in defense of the sundae, i LOVE it, LOVE LOVE LOVE it.. have it without fail when eating there. did i mention i love it?

    • Audrey,

      Hahaha – Our taste buds are surely different to one another ;)|
      Dunno, I don’t like anything bitter >.< Love, Peach Water x

  2. mmm (: everything looks so good!! hehe Loved my first experience at Chin Chin and can’t wait to go back again and try more dishes! hehe

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