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Eat Fit Food | Cleanse program | Day 1

So I recently discovered Eat Fit Food that offers the service of delivering freshly prepared meals to your doors. They are prepared by professional chefs using fresh produce that are locally and ethically sourced. Not only that, the meals have zero additives and are portion and calorie controlled. Eat Fit Food offers 5 different programs to choose from – 28 Day program, Clean + Lean, Cleanse, Health Eating, Meal Packs, plus they offer catering. Mid 2016, I left my very comfortable job to start a new journey at a multinational firm that has taken me out of my comfort zone. Starting this new job meant less time to meal prep which resulted in unhealthy eating habits. Fast forward to late November and early December, I decided to work my health and fitness.I decided to go with the 5-Day Cleanse program for the main reason of reset my eating habits and kick start my system with meal program that is gluten free, dairy free and red meat free. Day 1 I started off the morning with a beautiful …