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Au79 | Abbotsford

Another day, another cafe opening. This time round, is the ultra spacious Au79 located in Abbotsford, lined with gold and luscious greenery throughout the cafe. Oh, and when I say spacious, I do mean SPACIOUS. Today, I caught up with my dearest Maggie (go check out her blog:¬† for brunch. Within 10-15 minutes waiting, we were ushered by a waitress to the ‘back’ section (I will explain the story behind the inverted comas later) of the cafe where we sat amongst the most gorgeous greenery and near the second coffee making section. After stalking instagram photos of au79, and deliberating for a good 5 minutes, we placed our order. Maggie ordered her favourite – smashed avocado, while I settled for the smoked bonito croquettes, and we also ordered the granola to share. Within 10-15 minutes of ordering our food arrived. These days, every cafe has their own version of smashed avocado, and trying to out do each other by making it prettier and very instaworthy. For au79, theres is spruced up with bright orange dukkah, …