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Candied Bakery

Candied Bakery

Address: 81A Hudsons Rd, Spotswood, VIC 3015
Phone: 03 9391 1335
Website: http://candiedbakery.com.au/
Twitter: @CandiedBakery
Facebook: here

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Foodie Partners: Lianne

Not long ago I was told by someone that there’s an Aussie bakery with an American twist, and a bit of European influence. It got me excited.
However the problem with going to Candied Bakery is the fact that it’s a very far distance to travel, but that did not deter me in travelling such a distance because I’ve heard of many great stories.

Earlier, Lianne and I visited Duchess of Spotswood for our brunch, so it wasn’t much of a hike to visit Candied Bakery. Just down a few shops.
Lianne was being a good girl and did not get anything, however I could not resist.

I picked two sweets to take home. One being the honey joy cheesecake, and the other being the marshmallow and choc chip cookie.

Honey Joy Cheesecake: I have a soft spot for Honey Joys. Back when I was a kid in primary school I used to eat honey joys, and haven’t had them since.
The honey joys added the crunchy texture to the very fluffy, soft and creamy cheesecake. It was so good, I honestly wished I bought more home with me!

Marshmallow and Choc Chip Cookie: Oh my! These marshmallow and choc chip cookies were just as good as the cheesecake. The cookie was very chewy, and the choc chip melted in my mouth.

Candied Bakery


  • Large selection of goodies to choose from
  • Friendly staff
  • Savoury & sweet items available
  • Soft serve ice cream available, with rotating flavours.
  • It was so good devouring both of these goodies! I want to go back!